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AudioQuest Type 9 Speaker Cable - Factory Terminated


AudioQuest Type 9 Speaker Cable - Factory Terminated

Prepared speaker cable in the Netherlands - hand made by AudioQuest engineers to order - these cables come beautifully presented and to an incredibly high standard.

The speaker cable model Type 4 was first introduced about 1983. It wasn’t the prettiest cable, but the performance advantage of its polypropylene insulation was dramatic and much appreciated. Several evolutionary steps later, the current version of Type 4 was introduced in 1995—a design whose foundation is so well balanced that it hasn’t changed since then—and still isn’t changing. Type 9's Low-Distortion & Low-Noise speaker cable is essentially Type 4 with better metal, and with added layers and techniques of Noise-Dissipation for more effective noise control than any previous Type 4 iteration. In addition, Type-9 conductors are a little bigger than previous 4-series cables. The conductors are a little farther apart, reducing interaction between adjacent conductors by 35%.


Features :

  • Solid Perfect-Surface+ Sonic-Signature Conductors
  • Multi-Layer Carbon-Based Noise-Dissipation and Direction-Controlled Conductors
  • Star-Quad Geometry
  • Gold or Silver Plated Terminations


Solid Perfect-Surface+ Sonic-Signature Conductors

Solid Perfect-Surface Copper+ (PSC+) conductors prevent strand interaction, a major source of ear fatiguing transient intermodulation distortion. The astonishingly smooth and pure Perfect-Surface Copper+ eliminates harshness and greatly increases clarity compared to OFHC, OCC, 8N and other premium coppers. The superior purity of PSC+ further minimizes distortion caused by grain boundaries, which exist within any metal conductor. The astonishingly smooth and pure Perfect-Surface Copper further eliminates harshness and greatly increases clarity compared to OFHC, OCC, 8N and other premium coppers.


Multi-Layer Carbon-Based Noise-Dissipation

Multi-Layer carbon-based Noise-Dissipation plus Direction-Controlled conductors and shielding significantly lower noise-floor and reduce amplifier Transient-Intermodulation Distortion (TIM).


Star-Quad Geometry :

The relationship between conductors defines a cable’s most basic electrical values (capacitance and inductance). However, even when those variables are kept in a reasonable balance, the relationship between conductors can be varied in ways that greatly affect the sound. The Star-Quad construction of Type 9 allows for reduced time-smearing while preserving dynamics, and clarity.


Gold or Silver Plated Terminations :

AudioQuest offers a wide range of high-quality connectors that allow Type-5 to be securely attached to any type of equipment. Quality is in the low-distortion sound, not necessarily in the eye-candy effect. AQ ends are either a dull looking gold or silver because these metals are plated directly over the connector. There is no shiny and harsh sounding nickel layer underneath. AQ spade plugs are soft because better metal is soft, and facilitates a higher quality connection. For pieces requiring a banana plug or BFA connector, the AQ BFA/Banana provides unprecedented performance over conventional brass versions.


Specification :

  • Please note, you need to enter a quantity of 2 for a pair
  • Length: Custom
  • Metal: 100% Solid Perfect-Surface Copper+
  • Geometry: Star-Quad
  • Jacket: Black/Red Braid
  • Plugs: SureGrip Spade of BFA/Banana (Gold or Silver)



This cable is professionally terminated by AudioQuest's engineers using one of the following plug options:

  • Series 500 Gold-plated Banana or Spade
  • Series 500 Silver-plated Banana or Spade

The Suregrip 300 Beryllium Copper banana plugs offer high tensile strength and are superior sounding to phosphor bronze found on many banana plugs. The Series 500 plugs are made from 'Purple Copper' which is a higher-purity copper compared to the Suregrip 300 Beryllium copper and delivers improved sonic characteristics. The Series 1000 plugs are made from 'Red Copper' which is the highest purity copper in the AudioQuest range and are designed to deliver the very best sonic performance.

The coppers of the connector, just as in the speaker cable itself can lend to the cable sounding more detailed, wider soundstage, lowering of the noise floor and protection of the raw conductors. These benefits increase step by step as you progress higher up the series from the Suregrip 300 Beryllium Copper plugs to the Series 1000 Red Copper banana plugs. The plating process also changes as you move up the series, resulting in a thicker and more durable plating.