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Monitor Audio Silver 200 AV12 5.1 Package


”Monitor Audio's Silver range serves up a talented 5.1 package.” ’What Hi-Fi?’ 2019 award-winner.

Our award-winning Silver 200 AV system comprises two Silver 200 floorstanding speakers, a Silver C150 centre speaker, two Silver FX surround speakers and a Silver W-12 subwoofer.

Featuring superior Monitor Audio technology, the Silver 200 AV system delivers a definitive home cinema audio performance, which truly brings movies and music to life. Available in a choice of premium finishes, the cabinets’ elegant design ensures that they bring a graceful presence to any room.

The Silver 200 AV system has received huge global acclaim, including the coveted What Hi-Fi? Best Speaker Package award in consecutive years.

Slimline looks, big sound
At just 16.5cm wide, the Silver 200s are amongst the narrowest speakers in their class. Despite this, the Monitor Audio Silver 200 speakers still produce a big, immersive sound that will easily fill larger rooms. Superb as stereo speakers they also work well as the front speakers in a Silver AV package system, making them ideal in both music and movie roles.

The best drive units – improved
Featuring a completely new version of Monitor Audio’s iconic gold tweeter dome, the treble response is better than ever. Tuned for a crisp, low distortion sound, the top-end is sweeter than ever. The twin compact bass cones feature distinctive RST (Rigid Surface Technology). Inspired by the Japanese art of Origami, the lightweight cones are made more rigid by the precise pattern of surface dimples. It makes the mid-range open and natural-sounding. With a dedicated bass cone there's always effortless power to hand when the music or movie requires it.

With technology from the Platinum series
Evolved from the reference quality Platinum models, the Silver 200 features DCF (Dynamic Coupling Filter). This replaces the usual, solid coupling of driver and voice coil with a flexible coupling. This helps damp any surplus energy, aiding the precison of sound. The perforated design also helps with cooling and pressure relief – giving enhanced efficiency.

Cabinets designed with help from the National Physical Laboratory
Designed with the aid of a precision laser scanner from NPL (National Physical Laboratory), the handcrafted cabinets are exceptionally well built. The scanner identified areas of cabinet resonance making the placement of the bracing pin-point accurate. Ultra-low cabinet distortion lets the drive units perform unimpeded, giving you the clearest and most natural sound going.

Slim-line and superbly finished to match your decor
Available in a wide range of premium real wood veneers and high gloss finishes, the Silver 200 looks every bit as good as it sounds. The new tweeter features a smart speckled finish for individual style. A slim-line design with rear-mounted port looks sleek and makes these speakers unobtrusive in your home. Magnetically attached grilles give a clean appearance when removed - ideal for showing off those hi-tech drive units.

Fill your room with sound rather than huge speakers, with the sleek Monitor Audio 200.

Power and control come together to make the Monitor Audio Silver W12 V2 a true reference product.

Now with APC for the perfect response in your room
APC (Automatic Position Correction) is a unique Monitor Audio technology that uses a built-in microphone and test tones to optimise the subwoofer's response. At the touch of a button the frequency response is ideally tailored for your room - so no more excessive bass 'boom'.

12 inch cone matched with 500 watt amp for huge bass

When it comes to producing a cinematic bass that you can truly 'feel', little can beat the combination of a large bass cone and a powerful amp. The Monitor Audio Silver W12 V2 has them both. The ultra long throw bass cone easily moves large accounts of air for a bass response that effortlessly recreates the most dynamic soundtracks and music. Powered by a 500 watt, Class-D digital amp, high power is always available in an instant.

Highly controlled sound
As well as being powerful, the Silver W12 V2 is also highly controlled. Using a C-CAM (Ceramic-Coated Aluminium/Magnesium) cone that's rigid yet light gives a responsive bass. The triple suspended driver gives ideal linearity for perfect control - even when the cone is fully extended.

Three pre-set EQ modes
With Music, Movie and Impact modes you can easily change the characteristics of the subwoofer to match your mood. For the most subtle sound, choose Music. A more dynamic sound is had with the Movie mode, making it ideal for the most intense action movies. If you're in party mode or really don't like the neighbours, then switch to Impact for the most powerful sound possible!

High quality finish
Constructed from 25mm MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) and heavily braced, the W12 V2 is built to resist cabinet vibrations. Finished in a selection of luxury finishes, including real wood veneers, this is one subwoofer that doesn't need to be hidden out of sight.

With the perfect combination of poise and power, the Monitor Audio W12 V2 has it all.

Dedicated to getting the very best from your home cinema system, the Monitor Audio Silver FX V2 speakers make all the difference.

Optimised for home cinema. Di-pole or bi-pole; the choice is yours
Using two tweeters and a single woofer unit in a slim, wall mountable cabinet means these speakers are tailor-made for home cinema. At the flick of a switch you can also change the sound characteristics from di-pole (diffused) to bi-pole (direct) for the exact type of surround sound you require.

Key Features

  • 2 x Silver 200
  • Silver C150
  • 2 x Silver FX
  • Silver W-12