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Q Acoustics Concept 300 inc Stand (Silver & Ebony) - pair


Ground-breaking design delivers sensational sound quality, with the ultra-stylish Q Acoustics Concept 300.

We are a Q Acoustics Elite dealer with the Concept 300 and Concept 500 available to demo. Please contact us directly to arrange this - appointments are required.

Download the official user manual here

Designed like no other stand mount speaker
Using technology from their flagship Concept 500, the Concept 300 introduces a whole new level of sophistication to its speaker class. The revolutionary stand and isolated base suspend and support the speaker like no other design. The triple-layer cabinet reduces resonance to an absolute minimum and the drive units respond with total faith to the music. The result is the highest quality music playback – pure and simple.

Triple-layer cabinet for the purest sound
The cabinet is constructed from three separate layers, damped by Gelcore non-setting gel. This reduces cabinet distortion to an absolute minimum, letting your hear the sound exactly as the artist intended.

Total isolation with Isolation Base and Tensegrity stand
Supplied with the speakers, the elegant Tensegrity stands don’t just look the part, they enhance the sound, too. Lightweight and rigid they maximise support by their dynamically balanced tripod design and ultra-low levels of resonance. For the perfect coupling of speaker and stand, the base of the Concept 300s features a suspended Isolation Base with four internal springs. This blocks vibrations from the speakers affecting the stand and vice versa, giving class-leading purity and the lowest distortion.

Life-like sound
To deliver a life-like sound, Q Acoustics has concentrated on giving the Concept 300 an immersive soundstage with broad width and depth of sound. By using a rigid, narrow but deep cabinet, precise crossover and high performance drive units, they’ve achieved just that. Sit back, close your eyes and you could be there.

Transparent mid-range and bass
Using a light and rigid cone with powerful magnet, the woofer delivers stunning speed and accuracy. This not only means a punchy, upbeat bass but also beautifully transparent vocals from the mid-range for a totally life-like performance. Although not as deep as the larger Concept 500, the bass still impresses with its power. A deep cabinet and long throw woofer cone mean, given a powerful amp, the bass is still deep enough to rattle your windows.

Sweet top end
At the other end of the frequency response, mechanically decoupled tweeters give a smooth yet detailed treble response. Mechanical decoupling effectively isolates the tweeter from vibrations, letting the full clarity from the top end shine out. If a pin drops on the recording, you’ll hear it.

Choose your luxury finish
The Concept 300 doesn’t just sound exceptional, it looks it, too. The luxurious finish combines high gloss surfacing with a choice of real wood veneers. Choose from black with rosewood, silver with ebony or white with oak for a speaker that stands out in style – especially when mounted on its striking stand.

Get closer than ever to the true sound, with the remarkable Q Acoustics Concept 300 – they’re the next best thing to hearing it live.


Q Acoustics
Silver & Ebony
Bi Wireable 
Weight (KG) 
Freq Response (Hz) 
55 - 30,000
Speaker Dimensions
WxDxH (mm) 220 x 400 x 355
Sensitivity (dB) 
Impedance (ohms) 
Power Rating (Watts) 
Part Ebony
Speaker Enclosure Type 
Bass Reflex