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Tensegrity is a self-supporting structure, made up of elements either in compression or tension, but never subject to bending force.

This stunning structure consists of load-bearing, lowprofile solid stainless steel rods to form a tripod, an inherently stable structure. Thin stainless-steel cables define and maintain the orientation of the legs.

Unlike most other stands, Tensegrity has an extremely low surface area, which reduces re-radiated sound to virtually nil.

It’s less a speaker stand, more an entirely new loudspeaker support system.

• Inherent tripod stability
• Minimal radiating surfaces
• Compliant mounting pads
• Spikes or rubber capped feet


• This Stand will fit with some of the world’s best loved audiophile stand-mount speakers.



Overall dimensions H/W/D 690 x 492 x 430mm
Top plate dimensions W/D 160 x 240mm
Carrying weight 20 kg (per speaker)
Weight 4.1 kg (per stand)
Carton Dimensions H/W/D 780 x 740 x 460mm
Packaged Weight 13.8 kg (pair)

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