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The largest cross sectional area of pure copper ever incorporated into a QED loudspeaker cable, enables Supremus to deliver the ultra-low resistance required to ensure perfect fidelity of the musical signal.

QED cable designs are informed by their exhaustive ongoing research into cable parameters which began in 1995 and is detailed variously in the Genesis Reports. These reports set out the design-principles to which they have since adhered and which have resulted most recently in the development of QED Supremus loudspeaker cable, the ultimate expression of sound through science without compromise.

QED Supremus benefits from the appliance of Aircore Technology and therefore boasts very low impedance across the audio band. Cable capacitance and inductance are controlled by the use of low loss dielectrics and the unique constraints of the Aircore geometry.

At just 5 mΩ/m QED Supremus has an extremely low DC loop resistance because it uses 6.16 mm² of cryogenically treated silver plated 99.999% oxygen free copper conductors, the largest cross-sectional area cable ever to be available from QED. This brings the amplifier electrically much closer to the loudspeakers enabling it to exercise better control over them, so that fidelity to the original music signal can be more accurately maintained.

 AirCore™ Technology, unique to QED cables, means unrivalled high frequency detail, rhythm and timing. Supremus boasts sixteen silver plated, 99.999% oxygen free copper, solid core conductors. To deliver its no compromise sonic performance, each individual conductor is insulated by a nearly invisible layer of enamel, providing ultimate insulation for a more detailed output.


 Cryogenic Treatment

The improvement in physical properties of copper when cryogenically treated results from the elimination of dislocations in the material’s microstructure. Trumpets and other brass instruments have been found to produce a better tone after Deep Cryogenic Treatment and it is also used to treat guitar and piano strings.

QED Aircore Technology

Aircore Technology keeps inductance and capacitance at vanishly low levels. This changes the magnetic field within the cable to ensure high frequencies travel through the central part of the conductors. The result is an unrivalled level of high frequency detail and cable timing.

6.2mm² Cross Sectional Area

Boasting two bundles of 16 Silver plated, cryogenically treated oxygen free copper conductors for ultra-low resistance exerting beautiful control, bringing your amplifier and speaker electrically closer together.

Enamelled Conductor Insulation

The conductors are uniquely individually insulated by a nearly invisible layer of enamel. This material was chosen because it has extremely good insulating properties and sets new standards in the insulation hierarchy.

Supremus Locking Airloc Plugs

A dedicated Rhodium plated, locking design to ensure maximum surface contact between the plug and terminals. Utilising QED’s propriety Airloc technology for an oxygen free, cold weld connection made for life.

  • Cross-Sectional Area : 6.16mm2
  • Wire Gauge : 10AWG
  • Jacket Outside Diameter : 17mm
  • Jacket Internal Diameter : 8mm
  • Loop Resistance : 0.005Ω/m
  • Capacitance : 48pF/m
  • Inductance : 0.49uH/m
  • Dissipation Factor : 0.009
  • Conductors : 2 x 16 solid core silver plated 99.999% oxygen free copper conductors
  • Insulation : Unique enamel with low loss surrounding foamed polyethylene dielectric insulation
  • Banana Plugs & Spades : Choose either Rhodium plated locking Aircore Banana Plugs or Spades
  • Other : Aircore Technology Cryogenically treated

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