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Ubiquiti Wireless & Security Bundle


A fantastic bundle offer for the home and small office.

This Ubiquiti package consists of:


1 x USG Secure Internet Gateway, featuring Gigabit Ethernet LAN/VOIP ports. Connect straight into your DSL model / NTE and replace your basic router with a security appliance that's incredibly simple to use whilst delivering excellent performance (routing, VPN, firewall, threat mitigiation etc)


1 x 60W POE 8 port Gigabit Ethernet managed switch - provide your cameras and wireless Access Points with the power they need whilst giving you 4 other ports of traditional connectivity.


2 x AC-PRO Wireless Access Points (1750Mbps) to provide your home with exceptional wireless coverage, easy Guest access, content filtering and analytics.


2 x G3 bullet 1080p cameras to provide your home with high definition quality surveilance with object tracking, alerts/notifications and recording to the local Cloud Controller. Access your cameras whilst on the go too - and don't worry if your internet disconnects, all events are stored locally and sent when able!


1 x Cloud Controller - the heart of your device management, device tracking and local video storage.