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audiolab 7000 series

audiolab 7000 series

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audiolab 7000 series is finally here!

What's in the range?

With the recent revamp of the Audiolab lineup, we have some interesting news to tell you, including what's new and what could be coming in the future too!
Pictured above is the all-new 7000 series including the 7000A, 7000N and 7000CDT.
The 7000A is the all-new integrated amplifier with 70W per channel and a solid DAC on board, this amplifier will replace the now-discontinued 8300A. The 7000A is the perfect amplifier if someone is looking for something a little more modern o fit into their HIFI or AV system. Yes AV system...! The 7000A has an ARC port on the back so you can bring the audio from your TV or projector into the amplifier, meaning there is no need for excessive cables/hardware anymore if "simplification" is your new middle name!
We recently had a play with the 7000A in-store driving the Mission 700 stand mount speakers and it's a perfect balance, it's not too pricey (sitting at £1099) but it still has plenty of punch and quality. This series is perfect if you're looking for a good-looking system with plenty of amazing features including an oled display in the middle of each component giving the Audiolab look a new modern design.
Within the range is the Amplifier, the Network Streamer (7000N) and a revised CD Transport (7000CDT).
There are no plans to release pre/power combinations of the 7000 series.
The CDT and N are both priced at £549 each with the amplifier priced at £1099 - sitting perfectly between the 6000 and 9000 series.
Click on each product below to get a little more insight into connectivity options and full specs.

What's the difference between the 6000, 7000 and 9000 series?

The 6000 series from Audiolab is the entry-level series containing the 6000A which is a standard integrated amplifier, the 6000A Play which is the streaming amplifier, the 6000CDT which is the CD transport and the 6000N which is the stand-alone streamer of the series. The 6000A and 6000A Play both have 50w per channel with the exact same inputs, the only difference being the 6000A Play has essentially the 6000N streaming element built into it. They are using play-fi DTS as the system for it / the entire Audiolab streaming series.

And the wider range...?

We then have the 7000 series which is shown above, This consists of the 7000A (integrated amplifier), The 7000CDT (CD Transport) and the 7000N (streamer). With the 7000A having a powerful 70w per channel, this is a brilliant mid-range system and will happily handle some of the smaller floor standers we have in store.
Be sure to check out our offers below on speaker and amplifier bundles!
Finally, the flagship 9000 series which currently only consists of 2 products: the 9000A and the 9000CDT.
These two products are astonishing pieces of HIFI with over 100w per channel and a fantastic DAC, the 9000A integrated amplifier is the perfect matching for someone who's looking for something more musical, punchy with the bass and wanting to maximise digital connectivity via the DAC.. For the entire 9000 series, we charge £2,998 for both products in a bundle.
Later in the year, we expect the 9000N to arrive which will be a streamer built on the Lumin platform. We are also aware of the range expanding with pre-amp and power amplifier combinations coming in the future.
All of the Audiolab products are available in bundles on our website (view below), which will save you money on products; with the 6000 and 9000 series available for immediate dispatch in both black and silver.

Special Offers

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