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New iFi Audio NEO Stream and IDSD in store now!!

New iFi Audio NEO Stream and IDSD in store now!!

The iFi Audio NEO stream

The new iFi Audio NEO Stream really brings the next level audio to your headphone and HiFi system with its wide range of music streaming services including Tidal and Spotify connect with Roon support included. Supporting Master Quality Audio means that it it supports the highest quality from particular streaming services.

The outputs on the NEO Stream are also very impressive with a fully balanced 4.4mm output on the back and a standard RCA output then for ultra high-res signals you have a HDMI on the back with a USB-A. Then finally a coaxial output and optical for digital outputs.

The NEO stream simply adds high quality balanced audio to your existing system and does so utilising iFi's own streaming solution which is incredibly stable and looks good too.

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The iFi Audio NEO IDSD

The iFi Audio NEO iDSD is a Headphone amplifier and DAC which supports full MQA and Balanced audio with the correct cables. The NEO IDSD is a very capable headphone amplifier and will drive even the most demanding of headphones with high quality and detailed sound.

We have listened to multiple pairs of high-end Headphones on the IDSD and it has performed well with all of them without any weak points and when paired with the NEO stream the NEO IDSD's sound was fast and warm with the smallest details in the songs we listened to being brought out, I would highly recommend booking in a demo to listen to these fabulous products.

A new bundle has been made with both of these new products in and when purchased you get a free iFi audio balanced 4.4mm cable worth £90 included in the package find the bundle here -

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The iFi Audio ICAN Signature

The iCAN Signature is IFI Audios flagship headphone amplifier and we have it here in our headphone room at Yorkshire AV!

The iCAN Signature is a very capable headphone amplifier and is made to be able to run any pair of headphones and do so well, with little distortion and lots of detail.

When paired with the NEO Stream and NEO IDSD this combination sounds sweet with the top ends being detailed but not harsh and the bass having a lot of texture. The sound that comes from this combination is almost unbeatable.

I listened to 5 songs on this combination, most of the songs sounded the exact same as they usually do but a couple of them were astonishing. For example, in "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac and in "Play by God" by Sam Fender, the drums were very present - focussed and fast, but they weren’t in your face or too much to listen to. The bass was incredibly controlled and very detailed on both the MEZE Empyrean and the FOCAL Stellia being the demo headphones used.

Available in store to buy and demo - contact us to make a booking!

To find out more information on the products listed above please visit our website -

if any further assistance of information is needed on these products or any other questions you may need answering please email us on or give us a ring on 01757 826111.


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