Ethernet / Streaming Cables

Over the past several years there’s been a revolution in the way people store, distribute, and access digital media (in real time), including photos, movies, and, of course, music. No longer dependent on physical media, our media is often data that’s moved from multiple devices to multiple locations.

For high end audio applications and protocols, audio over Ethernet offers the virtues of high-speed, low time delay (latency), significant distance capability (1000 feet without an active booster or repeater), and extremely low-jitter, bit-perfect communication. 

Whilst it's absolutely true that protocols cannot be affected by copper/termination - it's absolutely fair to say that interference and noise *is* impacted by the copper/termination quality and as the interference passes over the NIC to the electronics surrounding it, there is an impact to the overall sound.

Our cables have been carefully hand selected based on in-room demonstrations. We only stock products that improve the overall sound.

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