Our Home Cinema Demo Room

Our Home Cinema Demonstration Suite

Welcome to our Home Cinema demonstration facility.

Our demo room is 4.8m wide, 5.2m deep and 2.2m tall (below the lighting coffer).

We feature a single 3 seat row of cinema seating and offer a 120" 16:9 Screen Excellence cinema screen with SONY 4K XW-7P00 4K UHD Projector.

Our demo room has been created to showcase what a standard double garage (or similar sized room) could look like - with a 7.2.6 system up and running constantly (with the option of making a 9.2.6 on demand).

We feature Perlisten Audio Reference speakers for the sub and base layer - and DALI in-ceiling for the ATMOS (to be replaced with Perlisten once those in-ceiling speakers become available later in the year.

We offer a turnkey approach to home cinema design, installation, calibration and on-going support from as little as £30k for a bespoke home cinema.

Electronics wise - we are showcasing:

Lyngdorf MP60 16 channel cinema processor with 5 HDMI inputs, HDMI 2.1 support and Room Perfect room correction

Primare A35.8 power amps x 3 in bridged mode delivering over 300w per channel

Kaleidescape Strato C and 6TB Terra Server UHD 4K Media Player

Reavon X110 UHD 4K Player

ELAN Control solution


The room showcases what is possible within a relatively modest sized room found in the UK with a large, immersive screen and reference level audio that achieves high output, stunning acoustically treated fabric walls as well as luxurous cinema seating.

Contact us today to book in for a demonstration on 01757 826111.