HiFi Rose

HiFi Rose is a South Korean company that specialises in designing and manufacturing high-end audio equipment and digital media players. They are known for their digital audio players (DAPs), music streamers, and other audio-related products. HiFi Rose aims to provide audiophiles and music enthusiasts with high end audio playback and streaming solutions as well as innovative amplification.

Yorkshire AV have on display / demo all of the HiFi Rose units: RS250A and RS150B streaming DACs, the RS520 streaming amplifier, RS130 transport and the high end RA180 integrated amplifier.

Contact us to discuss your HiFi requirements and ask how these would integrate into a new or existing system. 

We are happy to discuss part exchange of your old equipment - simply email us with details on what you have, condition/age etc and we'll see what we can offer for you.

Read our "HiFi Rose Blog Post" here.

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