Yorkshire AV are installers of Fabric Wall systems for use in dedicated and shared cinema spaces.

Fabric walls provide a number of functions: firstly, acoustically deadening the room (removing solid surface reflection points) which improve the acoustics within the room and secondly, they improve the aesthetics quite significantly.

It's important to utilise materials that are fit for purpose in the UK market but also those that adhere to tolerances required for "acoustically transparent" materials also.

Below - our demo room. Unlike other installers/retailers - we have invested heavily in a purpose built cinema room in our showroom.

We are using the HAVEN fabric with our custom installed LED profiles (Blazer Lite).

The materials below are complaint to BS 476 Part 0, BS 476 Part 7 Class 1, or BS5852 Crib 5. Full specifications are available on request.

Fabric Types (all are acoustic fabrics)

Note - click on the fabric name to download the fabric swatches available.

Black displayed to show the weave.


With a fibre felted finish and an appealing mélange effect, the Sonus range is the ideal accompaniment for a modern interior. An acoustically transparent fabric for use on panels, Sonus is the perfect enhancement for a range of vertical surfaces. The complementary Sonus Etch is available in two understated grey shades, bringing added depth with its subtle embossed lattice design.

Blazer Lite

Blazer Lite is a finer version of our Blazer upholstery fabric making it lighter in weight for use on desk screens, panels and other vertical surfaces. The felted, milled finish sports a colour palette consisting of mélange mixes and plain shades, as well as subtle pastels and iridescent brights.


Lucia is an ever popular crêpe weave synthetic panel fabric. It’s manufactured from 100% recycled polyester saving virgin raw materials and for a reduced environmental footprint. With a non-lustrous appearance, its bold and bright colour palette is designed to complement the Xtreme range for upholstery.

This fabric is largely acoustically transparent and as such is ideal to be used as a decorative facing for sound absorbing boards. 


Cara is a plain weave panel fabric available in a wide selection of commercial colourways. One of our most popular vertical surface fabrics, Cara is used extensively on desk screens, wallsides and on pin boards.

This fabric is largely acoustically transparent and as such is ideal to be used as a decorative facing for sound absorbing boards.

Click on the titles above for tile samples.

If you'd like a quote for supply only - please Contact Us and give us information such as room shape, room size, wall layout (so we can calculate how many 2.4m lengths of track would be require) and material types so we can generate a quote for you.

Alternatively - we offer installation as part of custom installation of home cinema installation along with other furniture and racks.