Have you recently purchased an AV Receiver, Processor or Stereo system but you're struggling with the room correction process?

Perhaps you've calibrated your room a few times but it's still sounding a little "lively" or perhaps too "flat".

Yorkshire AV trained staff members / DIRAC Specialists that are able to travel across the UK to perform system calibration, diagnostics, make recommendations on physical room acoustic treatment as well as come along with our own calibration equipment and help you get the most from your room setup.

This service comes with a flat fee (per day) plus travelling expenses.

During the day we'll:

  1. Validate room configuration (physical speaker setup, phase correction and positioning).
  2. Adjust correct bass response trim as well as setting upper limits for height/ATMOS channel speakers
  3. Correct seat positioning (where required)
  4. Correct subwoofer positioning (we are REL, SVS and Perlisten Audio dealers)
  5. Configure your processor/AVR or validate pre-programmed settings
  6. Run the room correction process and make manual adjustments based on separate calibration measurements
  7. Create stereo and multi-channel calibration files were required

Please contact us to discuss DIRAC calibration/correction for your setup and we'll provide you with a price for one of our install professionals to attend your site.

We are able to calibrate NAD Electronics, Emotiva RMC and XMC models, ARCAM AV and Sereo amplifiers and JBL Synthesis.

If you're located within 25 miles of our store, we charge £240 + VAT for a calibration (max 2 files). Time and mileage are charged beyond 25 miles - please contact us to discuss your requirements.