Welcome to Yorkshire AV LTD

Yorkshire AV LTD provide great customer experiences relating to HiFi, Home Cinema and Audio/Video Distribution.

Our team has a wealth of knowledge relating to home AV design, installation and helping you choose the most appropriate equipment for your needs.

We're an online retailer but prefer to discuss requirements with our customers to bring the most value to them.

In 2020, we moved away from pure installation to open our retail business which provides our customers new and old access to products which we see as key in the market aligned to the type of business we do. We do however recommend you contacting us to discuss requirements so we can ensure you get the true value of our business.

Towards the end of this year, we're moving into our new demonstration facility which will allow us to have customers visit us (on a registration basis due to COVID) and work through their requirements and listen to what we have on offer.

Based in the heart of Yorkshire, we are ideally situated for customers in York, Harrogate, Leeds, Doncaster and Hull but we ship nationally and internationally using DHL.

Please browse our site but don't hesitate to contact us should you require any support, advice or to discuss an AV package/install.

Proud installers and retailers of the finest AV brands in the UK.

​Founded in 2016, Yorkshire AV LTD has 4 members of staff managing a range of consumer and professional services ranging from audio and visual installations, network installations and retailing of high-end AV equipment.

Our motto is to help you make the right choices when simply put, there is so much choice out there! We bring our insight and experience into every quote, design and install to make sure the selections you make are compatible with each other, meet your expectations and ultimately make you, your family and/or your business a better place to be.

What do we do?

(1) Bringing amazing technology to everyone's home through our retail website.

We do this by:

  1. providing customers with access to matched products with excellent customer knowledge and support 
  2. continually investing in new products, testing them extensively and bringing high quality and great value bundle offers to you

We also support the enthusiast with package solutions, remote support and provide fantastic pricing across our product range when looking to buy multiple products from us.

(2) Providing a unique experience at our demonstration facility

Housed in an 18th century barn, Yorkshire AV has two purpose build demo rooms that feature:

  1. A dedicated home cinema - with 4K Sony projection, Marantz processing and power amplifiers and a full suite of DALI Phantom in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. The room also features an ELAN control system, REL subwoofers and multiple speaker points for bringing floor standing units in to test too.
  2. A large hifi demo room in a rustic environment where you can try out turntables, DAC's, network streamers, stand and floor standing speakers as well as the range of our hifi equipment.

Collectively, our small team has over 35 years experience in the industry - we cover every aspect of HiFi and AV from project design, build and install end  end as well as providing the enthusiast with the light touch support they may need whilst on their musical or cinema build.

Contact us today for a no obligation chat to assess what you think you need and let us bring some insights around what other home owners, builders and small businesses are doing and see if this is of use to you.