Loudspeakers that you cannot hear, disappearing in the music, is the mission of Audio Physic. We are bringing music to life, making it physically tangible. With Audio Physic, music is not a simple reproduction. Every piano stroke, broom, violin stroke, or guitar riff is vividly clear and creates a live goose-bumps feeling. The living room becomes a concert hall, a rock stage, and a festival. How is that possible? The linchpin is our deep understanding of materials and structures and our years of experience.

In the course of our 37-year company history, we have written HiFi history several times, thanks to our developers Joachim Gerhard, known in the scene as “the Magician,” and our current chief developer Manfred Diestertich. From Avanti and Virgo, the first floor-standing loudspeakers on the market, to the Medea, launched in 1991. A legend in the HiFi scene. Frenetically celebrated by the trade press as a “resolution miracle” due to its touching music reproduction, the post-modern-designed Medea was a worldwide reference loudspeaker for years. Always searching for even more music, in 1993, the Cardeas loudspeaker showed unprecedented detail along with the entire frequency band. A new reference loudspeaker was born, again from Audio Physic.

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