Audite Acoustics

AUDITE Acoustics is a small company with over thirty-five years’ experience in engineering, design and manufacturing and more importantly, we are headed up by an audiophile who has been involved with audio for just as many years.


Its easy to say that as a company we're different but a look through our product range will show that we aren't constrained by convention, our aim and focus is to bring new innovation. Our incredible Brij Isolation is one leading example of this approach.

We developed the ISOL-X technology which is a quantum leap in isolation and the Brij isolation platform represents true innovation in a market where for many years wooden chopping boards seem to be the extent of a designer’s skills and ambition. Everything we do is driven by our philosophy that is all about innovation and driving change for the right reasons.

We are extremely proud that the Brij is designed and manufactured in the UK and wherever possible we use local suppliers to sustain the UK manufacturing base, and this means that we can provide bespoke options on many of our products whether that means choosing a colour to go with your favourite socks or your home décor.


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