Led by President and CEO, Gary Yacoubian, and based in Youngstown, Ohio, the SVS team is united by a shared passion. A passion for creating world-class speakers, subwoofers and audio accessories with all the benefits of reference quality high-end audio and unmatched performance for the price. This philosophy elevated SVS to be the top subwoofer brand in the world and one of the fastest-growing speaker manufacturers in existence.

The SVS brand has been at the top of the industry based on performance for some two decades, and you will struggle to find a negative review or any sense of dissatisfaction from their customers. Exceptional build quality will save you the trouble of high repair and maintenance costs, unlike other market brands.

Nothing beats the SVS brand on sound quality. The company are focused and driven by consumer needs, and with all of their products, you will notice the difference in design and structural quality from a distance. Whether it’s for your home or business, the music is reliable and consistent with exceptional sound quality, providing long term satisfaction. For example, the SVS subwoofer is highly rated in performance. It has been built with advanced features and high-quality materials, hence the high value attached.

Audiophiles, home theatre enthusiasts and reviewers all revere SVS products for delivering exhilarating audio performances on par with the most exceptional speakers and subwoofers in the world.

The brand’s passion for fantastic sound quality is revealed in every 5-star review and award. It is brought to life with every jaw-dropping, armrest-gripping sonic moment you experience with its products.

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