Please note the following terms relating to Warranty on our items.

By default:

Monitor Audio - 5 years manufacturer warranty

Monitor Audio CIlifetime manufacturer warranty

Q Acoustics - 2 year active speakers and 5 years passive manufacturer warranty

QED -  lifetime manufacturer warranty

All other brands follow their standard manufacturers warranty.

Yorkshire AV are aware that individuals wish to upgrade routinely and therefore, to support our customers in their AV evolution, so long as we are made aware of a transfer of a product (via this form here) - we will honour the warranty from the original owner to a second owner for the terms applied above.

For extended Warranty (should this be offered with your product), please ensure you complete the Extended Warranty registration form that was emailed to you.

Warranty claims within the warranty period are underpinned by the manufacturer. With any extended warranty claims - Yorkshire AV act as your agent to the authorised repair centre. Parts are included in our extended warranty - labour and shipping charges are excluded.

For any questions or issues - please contact us directly.