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DALI EPIKORE 11 - dominating our listening room!

DALI EPIKORE 11 - dominating our listening room!

This year at the High End Audio Show in Munich, DALI released a brand new loudspeaker called the Epikore 11. This speaker is the evolution of DALI loudspeakers over the course of 40 years and it does not disappoint.

We are lucky to be one of the very first dealers in the UK with this product in our showroom. The DALI, Epikore 11 features. 4 x 8" inch woofers, a beautifully dynamic 6 1/2" mid-range driver and the brand new Evo-K hybrid tweeter module. which has come from the DALI KORE Flagship speaker.

The speaker is packaged up in a beautiful real wood veneer cabinet. In our showroom we are running the DALI Epikore with the knew Luxmn M10X power amplifier. The combination is nothing short of mesmerising and over the last two weeks, everybody who has joined us for a listening session have been nothing short of blown away with how amazing the combination is.

One of the first things that really grips you with this loudspeaker is naturally its size, and having had to move it up the stairs with each speaker weighing nearly 90 kilos was quite an experience! Once in the room, it is clear that this speaker is very special with both its driver configuration, the mass and the build quality which leads the imagination to thinking that this is going to nothing short of mind blowing.

We were fortunate that the lead acoustician from DALI in Denmark played our speakers for over 70 hours before they departed for the UK and we've now clocked up well over 200 hours of overall listening time and the results from different amplification have been very interesting.

Firstly, the speakers are a 4ohm load with 89 dB sensitivity ratings, which means in reality they're not too difficult to drive and with the power handling of 40 watts to 1000 watts a wide array of amplification can be used. That said, we found high current amplification to deliver much more natural sounding within the room, as well as the dynamic range, the sound stage and the realism of the music becomes more alive with bigger power on tap. Our favourite pairing to date is indeed with the Luxman and with its ability to deliver 250w per channel is no surprises that this combination provides an excellent in room listening and one which leaves the listener enthralled with the music.

Available in three finishes, we've elected to have the High Gloss Black in our store - it's fitting with our REL subwoofers and our furniture from Solid Steel. Cabling wise, we've been enjoying using the Atlas Aaron Cable as well as when possible, the bi-amp ZERO tech speaker cable from audio quest.

Whilst it is clear that this loudspeaker is built with the audiophile in mind, one also has to appreciate the elegance of the curved cabinet, the simplicity of the driver configuration and other standout features such as the outrigger feet, the speaker terminals and the aluminium baffle for the mid-range unit.

We feel the speaker would sit well within within a of luxury home as a statement piece as well as high end listening rooms for a customer who is looking for near perfection as far as audio representation is concerned. We are able to provide you with an in home demonstration if requiored, please contact us to discuss options for this service.

Next year at the Deluxe Audio show, Yorkshire AV will be accompanying DALI and Luxman to deliver the first UK showing of this combination with the brand new products from Luxman. Please feel free to contact us in the store to arrange a personalised demonstration and to discuss any requirements as far as integration with an existing system or a complete new system.

We do offer finance and we also accent part exchange for components that have a current market value.

A little review by Lee here as well as some other updates from the store.


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