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FOCAL Headphones - Trade Up Offer!

FOCAL Headphones - Trade Up Offer!

Want to change your headphones and upgrade to Focal Hi-Fi headphones while saving money?

Focal Trade-in is simple - from 4 to 30 September 2023, trade in your current headphones and upgrade to a new pair of Focal Headphones included in this offer while saving up to £1000*. 

This offer is only valid for Focal headphones listed below, indicating the corresponding saving*.

Bluetooth headphones with active noise cancellation (ANC):
BATHYS = £150 trade-in value*

Closed Hi-Fi headphones:
CELESTEE = £200 trade-in value*

STELLIA = £600 trade-in value*

Open Hi-Fi headphones for home:

UTOPIA = /£1,000 trade-in value*

CLEAR MG = £300 trade-in value*

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