2024 is the year of events for us here at Yorkshire AV.

We intend to run two listening sessions every single month - from specific vendor days to "Our Very Best" events where we build brilliant systems for you to come and experience with us.

Entry is always free but registration is required so we don't over fill our premises. Click below to register your timeslot or contact Lee on 01757 826111 for more info.

Our next event is:

Saturday 27th April - Ortofon High End (Exclusive) Event




27th January - Cyrus TTP, Power Amplifiers and TTP Turntable with AudioPhysic loudspeakers.  


10th February - REL Subwoofers

24th February - Chord Company Cables and Power


8th - 9th March - Perlisten Audio Home Theatre with STORM Audio

23rd - 24th March - DALI Epikore 11 with Luxman Reference at Audio Show Deluxe


12th (evening) - 13th April - DALI and Lyngdorf with ROON

27th April - Ortofon High End (Exclusive Series). Register here for free.



No events scheduled


22nd - 23rd June - North West Audio Show



Coming soon


10th- Summer Party Open Day

Come and join us in store for cold refreshments and Pizza baked in our own wood fired pizza oven! Bring the family and meet with fellow enthusiasts to talk all things music, movies and of course, systems and upgrades! 


Coming soon



Saturday 12th - Headphone open day with experts from FOCAL, Meze and Austrian Audio joining us in store. Perhaps Yorkshire's only dedicated Headphone event of the year!  


Coming soon



Coming soon