Atmos Speaker

The speakers in this section are designed / regularly used and in some cases certified for Dolby ATMOS height application when connected to the correct channels on a Dobly ATMOS enabled receiver.

When we talk about ATMOS - we are referring to the "atmospheric" effects that you get from speakers placed above the seating position.

In the usual format of 5.1 setups, ATMOS provides additional channels.

5.1.2 for example is 2 height / ATMOS speakers in a 7 channel amplifier.

5.1.4 is a 4 height / ATMOS speakers in a 9 channel amplifier. Check out our "speaker placement" guide for more information on what setup is likely right for you.

The Monitor Audio in-ceiling speakers here feature two distinct characteristics:

  1. Controlled performance (CP-CTxxxx) are all enclosed speakers with a polymer backbox and are acoustically / sonically tuned to deliver a consistent experience. None CP based speakers are open backed and require appropriate fire hoods for building compliance and regs (as well as to improve the acoustics!).
  2. Speakers with IDC have an pivoting high frequency / tweeter which allows the high frequencies which are highly directional to be angled towards the listening position. We have generally installed IDC based speakers in our ATMOS setups

The DALI in-ceiling speakers come in 3 sizes: 5" main driver, 6" and 8". These are open backed down-firing speakers that are generally deployed in rooms where positioning is less of a challenge and can be placed as required. 

The Monitor Audio AMS modules are designed to sit on top of any of the Monitor Audio Bronze 6G series of speakers and up-firing. These rely on a reflective surface (i.e. a low ceiling) to direct the "height" effect to the listening position. Careful placement needs to be considered to ensure a great user experience with these modules.

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