Record cleaning service

We know that records are generally stored out of sight / out of mind and brought down to be enjoyed every few months.

Similarly, new records are always considered "pristine" but frankly, this isn't the case.

Restoring / deep cleaning new and old records is a time consuming process as well as an expensive one if you're setting money aside for ultrasonic cleaners and vacuum based machines etc.

Thankfully Yorkshire AV has a really easy solution that can get your records looking as good as new!

Priced from £2.50 per record (using existing inner sleeves) or £1.50 per record with a replacement inner and outer jacket, the service we offer is great value for money if you're wanting to reduce noise, static, grime and general dirt from your records and protect your turntable cartridge.

To book in - simply contact us with the number of records and we'll arrange a time/date for you to drop off. We'll happily deliver them to you once completed at no additional cost.

Alternatively, we can arrange for a DPD collection/delivery for an additional fee.