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Premier Home Cinema Solutions

Welcome to Yorkshire AV, your ultimate destination for high-performance, luxury bespoke home cinema solutions. With over 5 years of dedicated service, industry accreditations, and a combined in-house experience of 35 years, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence and innovation in the creation of performance-oriented cinema rooms. Our large, dedicated showroom (by appointment only) is a testament to our passion for integrating cutting-edge technology into comfortable, well-finished environments that exceed our clients' expectations.

Our Solution Offering

At Yorkshire AV, we specialize in full turnkey cinema room solutions that are as unique as your home. Our services encompass the entire process — from initial scope and statement of works to design, coordination with interior designers (where needed), and final implementation, all managed in-house for seamless execution. Our offerings include:

  • Dedicated Cinema Rooms: Tailored spaces designed to bring the cinematic experience into the comfort of your home.
  • High-Performance Media Walls: A fusion of design and technology for immersive entertainment experiences.
  • Outdoor Room and Garage Conversions: Transformative solutions that convert your outdoor spaces and garages into luxury cinema entertainment areas.

Experience Our Demonstration Showroom

Discover the excellence of Yorkshire AV firsthand in our demonstration showroom. Experience the pinnacle of high-end HiFi, dedicated home cinema, and premium headphone/portable audio systems. Our showroom is designed to showcase the three core aspects of our business, allowing you to immerse yourself in the unparalleled quality and performance of our solutions.

Bespoke Design and Installation Service

Your vision is our blueprint. At Yorkshire AV, we offer a personalised instore virtual build process tailored to your specific needs and requirements. This process includes:

  • Initial Consultation: Assessing your needs and mapping them to the right technology.
  • Design Collaboration: Working closely with you, we create multiple designs based on your feedback, culminating in detailed renders that form the final scope of the project.
  • Flexible Communication: Whether online over video conference, in your home, or mostly in our store, we ensure the process is convenient and tailored to your schedule.

Why Choose Yorkshire AV?

  • Expertise: 35 years of combined in-house experience and industry accreditations.
  • Customization: A bespoke approach to every project, ensuring your home cinema reflects your style and meets your performance expectations.
  • Quality: A focus on high-performance, luxury solutions that don’t just add value to your home but transform your entertainment experience.
  • Standards: As CEDIA members, we have adopted the new "RP22" design standards which focuses on tangible, performance based objectives with respect to cinema design, wrapped into luxury and comfortable spaces. We are one of only a few companies using this framework as the foundation of our solutions.

Schedule Your Visit

Ready to explore the possibilities? Contact us to schedule an appointment at our showroom and take the first step towards your dream home cinema. At Yorkshire AV, we're not just building home cinemas; we're crafting experiences.

We cover the whole of Yorkshire as well as the UK with our design and installation service for home cinemas.

More recently - our work has been featured in interior design magazines as well as industry magazines (e.g. Home Cinema Choice, HiFi World, WHAT! Home Cinema) as a testament of the quality of products and solutions we offer.

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