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Build your own home cinema

This page is undergoing maintenance and some content is not complete. This page will be updated by 04/06/2020 17:00 BST

The home cinema is simply a dedicated or space space in your home where you enjoy watching movies or TV on a screen with surround sound. Simple, right?

Most people jump in at the deep end try and figure out what do they need to make a home cinema work?  They likely resort to forums where everyone gives them ideas and advice off the back of their investments or their limited knowledge - and this is where the expense starts.

Working with us here at Yorkshire AV - you're going to save a lot of that hassle and get you straight to enjoying your setup.

And the best part - we don't even need to visit you in your home (which is super important at the moment!) and still get everything setup with our virtual support.

Below are some of our greatest Home Cinema Packs that you can install yourself or, if the challenge seems a little too much then you can have us booked in when placing your order online. Simple!

Note - we are installers of the Monitor Audio Custom Install as well as Q Acoustics Install range of speaker systems. Contact us to find out more or to build a bespoke package.

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Typical AV layout

To speed things up for you - we've pre-built some fantastic solutions for you which you can add to over time. These start from 5.1 builds of in-wall / on-wall / free-standing right through to complex 7.2.4 setups.

Feel free to use these as guides to aid your product selection or if you buy a bundle from us, this includes 2 hours of remote support and consultancy during your setup process.

Alternatively - please give us a call for a no obligation bespoke quote for either us to install or to aid you remotely.

The different types of setup (independent of TV vs Projector)

Yorkshire AV has created a brilliant guide on speaker placement here. The layouts below are what we generally install and have pre-built packages for selection.

5.1 setup

The basic setup gives a fantastic surround sound setup, suitable for the majority of our installs. Click on the picture below to view our 5.1.x setups.

5.1 surround sound setup


5.1.2 setup

The basic setup gives a fantastic surround sound setup, suitable for the majority of our installs and features 2 "height" speakers, configured to support DOLBY ATMOS surround sound experiences using an AVR with 7 channels. Click on the picture below to view our 5.1.x setups.

5.1.4 setup

The advanced setup gives a true home cinema setup whilst still in the consumer range of setups, suitable installs where there is sufficient space to bring sound both in front and behind the viewing position and features 4 "height" speakers, configured to support DOLBY ATMOS surround sound experiences using an AVR with 9 channels. Click on the picture below to view our 5.1.x setups.


7.1 setup

A 7.1 surround sound system builds upon the 5.1 system to give you two additional surround sound speakers to add depth to your sound. In the right room, this can be an incredible listening experience. Set up in the wrong room or improperly, a 7.1 system can sound muddled. We recommend as a minimum 1m of clear space between the side channel speakers and the listening position. 



7.2.4 setup - the big one!

Our flagship setups feature a whopping 13 channels of audio, with 7 ear level speakers, 2 sub woofers and 4 ATMOS height speakers. These setups require a good sized room for maximum effect - as a minimum 5m x 6m with the listening position well forward of the rear wall. We tend to find long, narrow rooms most appropriate for this setup.

13 channels of audio provides a totally immersive and captivating experience - with sound passing 360 around you and with dual subs, the earth literally moves for you during action scenes.


 Home Cinema Components and Considerations

So let's look at some of the critical components and decisions you have to make:

  1. TV or projector?
  2. ATMOS or no ATMOS?
  3. AVR to speakers or AVR to amp?
  4. 5.1? 7.1? 5.1.2? 5.1.4? 9.1? 11.1?
  5. In-Wall or On-Wall? Floor standing or Book Shelf? In-Ceiling or Soundbar?
  6. What speaker and interconnect cable? 
  7. HDMI? Active or Passive?
  8. Sealed sub or open sub?

Now - these decisions cannot be taken lightly as one likely impacts another.

The most important thing to consider up front is your budget. There are certain components in the list that you need to invest first time in whereas the rest can be improved over time.

Feel free to send us an email via our contact form - we'll then go through our process of home cinema design and how to navigate the above questions