Welcome to the home of Yorkshire AV LTD

Our business specialises in the installation of home audio. video, home theatre and multi-room distribution systems as well as providing reliable all-home network and CCTV solutions.

We cover every task from the installation of TV's onto walls with cables hidden neatly, integration of speaker systems into home theatre deployments, in-wall and in-ceiling specialists and more recently, we've started offering multi-room audio and distribution systems.

We work with customers who are either building/renovating properties and wish to integrate modern solutions into their living space and/or business as well as performing installs into finished properties where the task at hand may be quite daunting.

Please review the services above - we cover the home and business within our website but are more than happy to discuss your needs and requirements over the phone or in person.

What's more - we are stockists of SONOS wireless systems, Monitor Audio speakers, Ubiquiti Network and CCTV components and PLANAR turntables.

We are a VAT registered, insured professional business that's here to support our customers in a personal way - no corporate speak or hard sell with us!

Our small team has over 35 years experience in the industry - we cover every aspect of the project from design, build and install end to end. 

Contact us today for a no obligation chat to assess what you think you need and let us bring some insights around what other home owners, builders and small businesses are doing and see if this is of use to you.