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Monitor Audio SB-2 AV Black Soundbar 5.1 Speaker Package


This speaker package from Monitor Audio combines all three front channels into the slimline SB-2 soundbar for a minimal footprint and combines them with the Mass 10 satellite speakers and powerful W200 subwoofer for impressive bass response. The SB-2 sits perfectly under 50-60" TV screens, the wider SB-3 unit is also available for larger displays.

The system comprises the SB-2 soundbar, a pair of Mass 10 speakers and W200 subwoofer. Optional wall mounts are available for both the satellite speakers and soundbar, there are also dedicated speaker stands available for the satellites. The system is perfect for situations where separate left and right front speakers would be impractical, unsightly or impossible to position correctly.

  • C-CAM (Ceramic-Coated Aluminium/Magnesium) bass/mid driver per channel
  • C-CAM gold dome tweeters per channel
  • Auxiliary Bass Reflex (ABR) per channel
  • Three separate driver arrays for left, centre, right channels in a single cabinet
  • Optional dedicated wall bracket
  • Integrated Silicon feet provide a secure cabinet-top mounting alternative.