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A few months in with the Cyrus Audio TTP

A few months in with the Cyrus Audio TTP

A few months ago, the new Cyrus Audio TTP turntable arrived with us in store. This was our demo unit, and I was keen to get to grips with it and find its strengths and weaknesses.

Cyrus Audio are a British HiFi company that have spent the last 40 years creating unique HiFi equipment that has become somewhat of a global brand that have lead the charge in the “smaller” HiFi box market.

Designed in Huntington and manufactured in Nottingham, we’ve been selling their equipment almost since I opened the shop and with their new range of products, we’ve been having great success too!

Now, the Cyrus Audio TTP is somewhat of an interesting move for Cyrus. It should come as no surprise that they’ve realised that making their own turntable would come with its challenges and thus why they have partnered with a hugely skilled and vertically integrated German engineering company for the mechanical aspects while applying the best of their skills to the PSU and motor drive to create what they believe is one of the best turntables at this price (£4295 + cartridge).

The Cyrus Audio TTP takes a lot of design queues from all things Cyrus with their brushed metal design, sharp angles that mimic the Classic and XR series products, side chassis cooling fins, green lighting to match the Classic series and on the back, a PSX-R2 port for upgrading the motordrive power supply with the use of an external PSU.

Eagle eyed customers will also spot a familiar tonearm - the RB330 and whilst Cyrus don’t mention this, we will!

Now - the RB330 came (admittedly) as a bit of a shock - it’s not known for it’s easy adjustment and cartridge matching. However, this is where Cyrus step in with solutions. They’re able to supply (for a small fee it has to be said) shims of various thicknesses that can enable an improved VTA for larger cartridges. They also offer various tonearm weights so if you do go for something heavier, one can install a heavier counterweight for compliance purposes.

Out of the box, the unit comes with no cartridges and as such, we’ve been using an Ortofon 2MR Black - simply a reduced height 2M series which is specifically designed for Rega / tonearms with limited adjustment of VTA. However, with the shims installed, one can enjoy a wide range of other cartridges such as the Quintet Black S, Sumiko Song Bird etc which would otherwise prove challenging.

The layout of the controls is intuitive, allowing easy operation for both seasoned audiophiles and newcomers to vinyl. Every element from the feet that isolate it from external vibrations to the placement of the motor is thoughtfully considered to enhance the user experience and audio output.

As a music enthusiast as well as a shop owner, new products are brought to us regularly but this one was a little different.

Recently, I spent a weekend with the TTP at home. We'd had great instore demos with the unit so the promise of not just vinyl playback but a profound engagement with music is always exciting and I have to admit, the TTP that did exactly that—bringing to life the rich sounds of Jazz, the electrifying energy of Rock and the catchy rhythms of Pop. It did everything really really well.

For transparency, the system I have at home is:

Lyngdorf TDAI-3400 with DALI Menuet SE speakers in my home office. It has an on-board MM Phono stage which I used as part of this test.

So how does it sound?

I’ll start off by stating that I have 3-4 quality turntables between £4000 - £6000 so the expectations were high. Whilst styling may divide the audience at first, one thing which everyone can agree on is how good the turntable sounds.

We’ve tried it now with several different cartridges (from £200 - £3000) and each time it’s impressed. The secret of that success is (in my opinion) it’s high mass design, thus it’s able to combat resonant frequencies that could otherwise cause tracking and feedback issues. Couple that to a solid out of the box power supply (without the need for the additional PSU) and drive motor and all of a sudden, we have all the ingredients for success.

Interesting that some turntables can be accused of having a “HiFi Sound” - that is, sometimes overly colourful and not always portraying the natural characteristics of vocals and instrument size. The Cyrus TTP however does not suffer with that. It’s very clean, very dynamic and has superb imaging and soundstage. One sometimes believes (rightly or wrongly) that streaming is the cleanest and best way to get an audiophile, 3d sound but with the right combination of turntable + cartridge, one can get just as close if not closer to the artist. The Cyrus TTP does this really well - we’re a big fan.

It offers a listening experience that is both pure and powerful. The turntable’s ability to reproduce sound with exceptional clarity and depth is a testament to its superior engineering. Whether it’s the subtle brush of a cymbal or the deep resonance of a bass guitar, the TTP captures every detail with precision. The belt-drive mechanism ensures smooth platter rotation and speed stability, which are crucial for accurate playback. The Cyrus Audio TTP doesn’t just play records; it reveals the very soul of the music.

Jazz: The Soulful Echoes of a Smoky Club

Listening to Miles Davis’s Kind of Blue on this turntable was an ethereal experience. The depth of the soundstage was immediately noticeable. Each instrument was not only distinct but also positioned in a way that felt like being in a smoky jazz club. The double bass had a warm, enveloping presence, while the subtle breaths taken before each trumpet note were crisply audible, showcasing the turntable's ability to handle the dynamic nuances of jazz. The platter’s stability and the tonearm's precision extracted every ounce of emotion from the grooves, letting the turntable whisper the soul of jazz right into the room.

Rock: Unleashing Raw Power

Switching gears to rock, I put on Led Zeppelin’s IV. The opening track, "Black Dog," was a revelation. The turntable managed to convey the raw, gritty essence of Jimmy Page's guitar riffs and Robert Plant’s soaring vocals with an intensity that many digital formats miss. The drum beats in "When the Levee Breaks" had a thunderous presence that filled the room, thanks to the turntable's excellent vibration isolation. Mass helps here massively!

This setup didn’t just play back the track; it unleashed the raw power of rock and roll, transporting me to the era of headbanging and electric guitars.

Pop: Vibrant and Vivacious

To complete my musical weekend, I spun Michael Jackson’s Thriller. The pop icon’s hits like "Billie Jean" and the title track "Thriller" were vibrant and vivacious. The turntable captured the punchy bass lines and the sharpness of the synth melodies brilliantly. Each beat was tight and controlled, illustrating the turntable’s adeptness at handling the rhythmic complexities of pop music. Even the background elements, often lost in lesser systems, were clear and contributed to the full-bodied sound that had me and my daughter (5 year old) dancing around the room like possessed Zombies!

The less good bits…

I do have 2 niggles and I’ll caveat this to say they are both easily addressed:

  1. there is no lid included. Much like some of the other higher end turntables we stock, there is no dustcover or lid included. One is available for a fee of £395 (£250 if you buy one at the time of purchasing your turntable from us); and there is no ground/earth cable included with the RCA’s. In all of our installations, we’ve had feedback / hum and have had to run our own earth cable (from the earth peg at the back of the turntable) to our phono stage. As such, we’ll include one free of charge with every purchase so you’re not left frustrated too.

Now the above list isn’t difficult to fix/resolve should it matter but I wanted to be transparent with what our experiences are. Sonically though and build quality wise - the Cyrus TTP adds a welcome addition to the new range of products, extends our range of high quality turntables and does so with technical credentials that allows you to experience analogue audio in perfectly.

Closing thoughts

The Cyrus Audio TTP turntable is a standout product that offers everything one could wish for—stellar build quality, a visually appealing design, unmatched performance (at its pricepoint), and flexible upgrade options. It represents a perfect blend of "music first" thought process combined with modern technology and manufacturing processes for reliability and consistency.

For those passionate about vinyl and sound quality, investing in the Cyrus Audio TTP is not just purchasing a turntable; it’s embracing a lifetime of exceptional audio experiences. Whether you’re spinning classical symphonies or rock anthems, the TTP is engineered to bring out the best in your vinyl collection.

TTP Offers

With every purchase of any Cyrus TTP, we’ll give you 15% off any cartridge and if required, we’ll fit it for you. If shims are required - we’ll do this free of charge for you at the time too! Just add your chosen cartridge to the cart with the TTP or call into the store and we’ll build your product up there for you.


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