House Builder

We work collaboratively with house builders and architects to bring the technologies we've spent years installing and enjoying to the new home or extension.

We consider everything from cable runs, device placement, requirements of the customer and making it affordable. Without any doubt, installation of speaker, HDMI, optical, Sky and network cables is 100% easier at first fix (prior to plasterboard). This saves a huge amount of initial mess and allows the new home owner to enjoy technology on day one.

​We provide:

  • ​network, audio and video cable first fix into specific locations around the home
  • Sky Coax cable installation
  • CCTV cable installation
  • BT/Virgin media installation support
  • Media rack installation (where network, audio and video equipment is all powered from)
  • second fix face plates, speakers in-wall/ceiling and brushed outlets
  • Installation of media services / access points etc

​We consult with you throughout the process, work closely with your customers to ensure they get exactly what they require from their new home.

The benefits are huge for customers/the new home owner - with hundreds of cables installed per home, we make sure that every cable is hidden and routed professionally - terminated in 25mm sockets with AV/network faceplates where required. And as every customer requirement is different - we take the effort away from you when managing these specialist requirements.

We a number of options available off the back of this:

  • Wireless Everywhere
  • Video Everywhere
  • Audio Everywhere
  • Security Everywhere
  • Home Cinema Room


Please see our brochure below for more details. We are looking to work with an additional 4 builders in 2020!