Pro-Ject Audio

Yorkshire AV LTD are a Top Partner of Pro-Ject Audio Systems.

We carry a number of different lines in both Electronic HiFi components and Turntables. Our website focuses on T-Line, Debut, RPM, Classic and X Line but we have access to all products should you require a different unit.

Please give us a call however to discuss your requirements - we have access to many different accessories and can build you bespoke bundles based on your needs and budget.

In store for demo are the T1, RPM3, RPM5, Debut Carbon Evo, X1 and X2 turntables with a number of S2 and DS2 components that support them.

Pro-Ject AudioTurntables

T Line

Debut Line

RPM Line


We have to demo in our showroom a combination of Ortofon 2M Red/Blue/Bronze/Black as well as Quintet Blue/Black and a range of electronics in the S2 and DS2 range.

Pro-Ject Audio HiFi Electronics

S Line (Tube Box S only)

S2 Line

DS2 Line

RS2 Line


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