Ascendo - Immersive Audio

ASCENDO was founded in 1999 by the three music enthusiasts Norbert Heinz, Stefan Köpf and Jürgen Scheuring in Stuttgart. ASCENDO GmbH matured into a technology company, focuses on the development of DSP, audio networking technology and audio measurement systems.

It is this unique musical heritage and combination of traits that led to the founding of ASCENDO IMMERSIVE AUDIO GmbH (AIA) bringing in Geoffrey Heinzel. Ascendo Immersive Audio is dedicated to the development, design, and production of state-of-the-art home theater systems.

Decades of research into the sound perception of the human hearing lead to the conclusion that concentric speakers are ideal for immersive audio reproduction.
High-performance professional point-source drive units are an absolute prerequisite for the time-coherent dynamic reproduction of audio signals. Combined with the most advanced digital electronics it creates an unmatched immersive cinematic experience with unlimited dynamics. In modern movies where LFE bass can extend down to 3Hz, the second most important speakers are woofers and subwoofers which reproduce tight infrasonic bass. AIA perfected this group of speakers like no other company to give the tightest punchiest lowest bass reproduction ever.

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