The 2023 EVO Tonearm range from Pro-Ject Audio Systems consists of four different tonearm models suited to different applications, culminating in the most impressive tonearm offering in the modern hi-fi market. 

The tonearm is a crucial part of the turntable, allowing the cartridge to navigate the record grooves and only passing through musical information without noise or degradation. Therefore, technically correct designs are essential, and the EVO range achieves this with a host of industry-leading technologies and expert-engineering.

However, there is also an element of personal preference when picking the right tonearm for your turntable, so the EVO range offers a choice of high-mass or low-mass arms, detachable headshells, s-shape or straight tonearm tubes and striking finish options - allowing you to pick exactly what is right for you.

The EVO tonearm range is available at Yorkshire AV including full installation service.

The arms are an ideal choice for a huge variety of turntables.

In order to make this range as accessible as possible, Pro-Ject have formulated an Upgrade Program for new Pro-Ject turntable customers, existing Pro-Ject turntable users and even for those who are looking to move to a Pro-Ject tonearm.

When purchasing a new Pro-Ject turntable that comes equipped with an EVO tonearm as standard with a 5-Pin DIN output connection, customers can opt to upgrade this tonearm at the point of purchase to a compatible model within the Pro-Ject EVO range.

The Calculation:
When upgrading your tonearm at the point of purchasing your new Pro-Ject turntable. Contact us for an accurate quote as we need to factor in new tonerarm wiring also.

SRP of Chosen Tonearm - SRP of Standard Tonearm = Additional Price to Pay

For example, Customer A would like to upgrade from a EVO 9 CC (£725.00 SRP) to a EVO 9 AS (£999.00 SRP): 999 - 725 = £274.00 upgrade charge plus labour/parts if you wish Yorkshire AV to install this for you.