R Series

Sharing “trickle-down” technology from our flagship S-Series, the DPC-Array here based on three 26mm domes, guarantees excellent directivity control and timbre matching with all R-Series speakers.

The Silk diaphragms developed ground up, chosen specifically their smooth, effortless representation of midrange and treble. The 165mm woofers are made from our proprietary HPF pulp, two years in development, bringing new technology to one of the oldest materials used in loudspeaker design. 

THX Dominus certification for almost all products in the series.

R Series consists of architectural in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, subwoofers and free standing loudspeakers.

Most are available within 2 days but please call to order on 01757 826111 or email info@yorkshireav.co.uk to discuss options and lead time.

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