RSD 2022!

This weekend, tens of thousands of music fans across the UK will head out to their local record store to get their hands on a fantastic set of special release vinyl.

If you need any assistance with an existing turntable, a new phono stage or interconnects or you're looking at treating yourself to a new deck - look no further!

We have some fantastic limited offers on turntables this weekend only - as always, if we can help with anything turntable or hifi related then please give us a call or contact us through live chat.

Discount codes:

  • Save £50 off the Debut Carbon Evo with code DebutEvo-RSD-22
  • Save £70 off the Debut Pro with code DebutPro-RSD-22
  • Save £100 off the Roksan Attessa turntable with code ROKS-RSD-22
  • Save £100 off the X2 in Satin White with code X2WHT-RSD-22
  • Save £150 off the MoFi Studio and Ultra Deck with code MOFI-RSD-22


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