Home Network

Behind every door in today's home is a broadband router.

Frustratingly - no one device seems to give perfect, high speed connectivity throughout the home.​

We offer tailor made networks to your requirements - connecting to BT and Virgin routers, we provide cabling from outside and inside the home to a fixed cabinet, where a network switch and firewall (if required) are housed. Throughout the home - network points are installed where required for connectivity to computers or media units.​

We know how important reliable connectivity is - for those of you working from home on audio/video calls all day long, to keeping the kids occupied whilst playing Fortnite whilst you're enjoying some TV streaming from NetFlix.

​We offer everything from the router, switch / distribution and wireless access-points including all cables professionally installed to give you network connectivity (wired or wireless) exactly where you need it.

Note - whilst we can guarantee high speed connectivity within the home, you will always be limited by your internet speed. That said - unreliable connectivity within the home is generally 75% of the issues that users experience.


We are proud stockists and installers of Ubiquiti Networks equipment - which covers the basic home and enthusiast user.

​Our solutions provide threat protection from unwanted vistors/hacks, provides security for children to stop them accessing certain applications/websites as well as providing bandwidth prioritisation for key applications (i.e. voice and video) vs application downloads and games.

​Our solution can be everything from a single router to multiple devices, switches, access points and controllers all housed in attractive comms cabinets.

Do check out our Shop should you want to do your own install - we have some excellent bundles available which is discounted from the combined SRP.