Install Pricing

Naturally, we are frequently asked "how much does it cost to ...." - which in some cases aren't the easiest questions to answer over the phone or email.

"How much to install a TV on the wall?"

There are a number of factors that determine the answer. Those being:

  1. How big is the TV? A 32" is a one person job, vs an 85" being a two or three man lift.
  2. Are you providing your own bracket? In some cases, the bracket may not be suitable - we prefer to advise our customers on what equipment to buy or even better, have YorkshireAV provide it for them.
  3. What are we fixing into? Solid walls or timber stud? Dot and dab plasterboard or solid plaster walls? Depending on the surface type, we need to account for what fixings and how long/messy the install will be.
  4. Are you wanting cables concealing? Depending on the answer to (3) above, this could be a simple job or more often than not, a complete pain and time-consuming/dusty job!
  5. Is power available nearby? If not - we need to consider how we're going to power the TV if cables are going to be concealed.

So you can see - a lot of variables that affect the price. We are a fully insured business and generally speaking, want to see the task at hand before confirming a price.

A 32" TV with us supply the bracket, installed to dot and dab walls with cables concealed (which we provide) is usually £200inc.

For a 65" TV installing with our bracket onto a solid wall with cables chased into the plaster, the charge would be generally be £275inc.

"How much to install a two ceiling speakers for me?"

 There are a number of factors that determine the answer. Those being:

  1. Are cables already routed? If yes - amazing! We'll be round tomorrow!
  2. If (likely) the cables aren't routed, then this is the expensive part. It requires us making holes in your ceiling and drilling through joists (generally) to get your cables from your AVR to your speaker location. We aren't plasterers - so you would need to arrange for someone to make-good the holes afterwards. We can explore other options like surface fixing the cables to skirting board and chasing up the wall in line with the speakers, patching up afterwards etc.
  3. Are the speakers active or passive? One needs power, one doesn't...
  4. The depth of the ceiling cavity - is it big enough?!

So you can see - a lot of variables that affect the price. 

A set of CP-C380-IDC speakers being installed in a 5.1.2 setup would usually cost £950-£1150 to be installed (including the speakers).

 "I want you to come and work on a new build with me and install AV across the house. What does it cost?"

This is right in our sweet spot! A lot of the charges above simply are reduced massively when we can work before the walls go up (i.e. run cables and future proof installs for customers!). 

To wire a room for 7.1.4 for example would cost £400 (vs £1200 retrospectively).

To run ethernet (CAT6) for all-home wifi and video/audio distribution will cost approx £700.

To build a dedicated rack with all cables run to it (ethernet, HDMI, speaker, SKY/coax etc) would cost anywhere in the region of £300 - £2000 based on aesthetics and requirements.

For larger projects - do pick up the phone and speak to us. We have rates for professional services/consultancy on what and where to place AV and networking equipment.