Ring X-Line - UK based installer

Designed to fit your home and needs.

Yorkshire AV LTD are certified installers of the Ring and Ring X-Line suite of products.

We don't offer the units for direct sale, but do sell them as part of an installation package.

Please contact us for information on pricing and lead time for delivery.

Ring X-Line products come with the following additional features/benefits over the DIY range of products:

  • Personalized Experience - we'll assist you with the right products/services rather than trying to get products that aren't suited for the function to work for you
  • Lifetime video recording - Review, save and share videos with the included Lifetime Ring Protect Basic
  • 4 year device warranty - enjoy a warranty for your device to cover repairs or replacements
  • Dedicated Tech Support - From setup to customisation, we’re always here to help.



Device prices below - installation prices vary and is subject to survey.