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Cyrus Audio - Evolution to the XR series

Cyrus Audio - Evolution to the XR series

The XR Series from Cyrus Audio - available to demo in store

Cyrus Audio has launched their new flagship range which replaces the Signature series.

XR featrures a wide range of products:

2 x integrated amplifiers, the i7-XR and the i9-XR, the Pre-XR which is a dedicated Pre-Amp and DAC, the CDi-XR integrated CD player, CDt-XR dedicated CD transport, a soon to be released Bluesound Streamer and DAC, a new dedicated PSU architecture called the PSU-XR and a new finish on the Mono X300 Signature in phantom black which provides a full rack in the same matt-black finish.

We expect there will also be a new dedicated phono stage in the same chassis coming next year also though this hasn't been confirmed yet.

Moving away from Class D architecture - the integrated amplifiers utilise Class AB technology with a significant amount of effort in a new power supply design, die cast alumninium body with integrated heatsink and improved assembly around all DAC's and output stages.

Designed in Huntingdon and built in Nottingham, the Cyrus XR series represents once again some of the best of British design and sound.

We recently spent the day in the Cyrus factory and the lengths and tests they go to at every single step from PCB design and printing, component testing and inspection throughout gave us confidence that every product that leaves the factory is extensively tested and monitored to incredible tolerences.

Powerful Class AB Integrated Amplifiers

Inheriting many design features of the award-winning Phono Signature, the phono stage in the i7-XR and i9-XR performs at a level way above its class. Featuring low background noise and high dynamic range, the phono stage is a perfect complement for a quality vinyl turntable source.

The DAC input stage of the i7-XR and i9-XR features a new 2nd generation version of our award-winning QXR DAC, but with an all-new high-speed analogue buffer stage. Seven digital filter alignment options are user adjustable to suit the taste of the listener. Input options include USB audio (to 384k sample rate) and DSD to DSD256, 2 x SPDIF digital and 2 x optical digital inputs.

The i7-XR is everything that the i9-XR is but with a reduced output of 2 x 52W into 6Ω, which will still power some hefty floor standers. With the same number of analogue and digital inputs, the i7 can again support whatever your preferred source is. The i7-XR integrated amplifier performs consistently above its price bracket since it launched and has been receiving rave reviews from around the globe.

The wideband power amplifier of the i7-XR responds from DC to beyond 100kHz ensuring ruler-flat frequency response and keeping any undesirable phase shifts out of the audio band. With a generous, over-specified power supply the i7-XR power amplifier delivers music with a scale and authority that belies its 52W rating.

The i9-XR is our leading integrated amplifier, that is feature rich and provides 2 x 91W into 6Ω. With both analogue and digital inputs, the i9-XR really is the complete answer regardless of your preferred listening source. The i9-XR integrated amplifier performs consistently above its price bracket since it launched and has been receiving rave reviews from around the globe.

The i9-XR includes a port for the new PSU-XR power supply. Thirty years ago Cyrus broke new ground with the introduction of the PSX-R, the first-ever regulated power supply upgrade that automatically adapted to match perfectly the power requirements of any connected product. The PSU-XR raises the bar by sourcing no less than five independent regulated supplies in a single box. For the i9-XR a pair of these are assigned to provide ultra-smooth power for the preamplifier, and a second pair to provide a huge dynamic boost for the power amplifier.


Comparison Chart

Below is a specification table outlining current pricing, power (actual details into 6 Ohms), inputs/outputs and the potential to upgrade to the new PSU-XR.

Note - the PSU-XR is due to be released November/December 2022 and supply is short. We strongly recommend pre-ordering to ensure early delivery.

The PSU-XR features a new and improved connector as well as power supply architecture to significantly improve the output on XR series. In some cases - both the local and the additional PSU are utilised!

Details on the new Bluesound Streamer in the XR series are not yet available but we'll update this page once more details are released.

Available to demo in store

We have two Hark III racks full of Cyrus equipment in store.

The first rack features the i7-XR, i9-XR, CDi-XR. Pre-XR and dual Mono X-300's. The second rack is the Classic series of equipment (including the new Classic Amp and Classic Pre).

We're able to demonstrate the output performance, signal qualiity and depth/scale/width of sound between each product/combination in our dedicated 2 channel demo room with loudspeakers from DALI, Monitor Audio, Perlisten Audio and many others available.

System Examples

i7-XR Systems


Pre-XR Systems

i9-XR Systems


Ultra High End Systems

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