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Perlisten R Series Subwoofers and Measurements

Perlisten R Series Subwoofers and Measurements

Two weeks ago, we received the new Perlisten "R" series subwoofers.

Designed to give customers an entry level Perlisten experience, the R series has proven to be incredibly popular. So with matching single driver subwoofers at more affordable pricing, we were keen to put the R series through their paces in our demo room.

My demo room in store is 5.2m x 5.8m (depth), has Perlisten S series in-wall speakers in a 7.2.4 configuration.

The subwoofers we usually use in the room are D212s at the front and D12s at the rear which gives a really great experience and very flat response across 2 rows of seats.

I have run a number of REW simulations to find out the best placement for the subs and opposing corners work best for us in terms of layout and in-room response.

That said, I was keen to see how each subwoofer measured at the RSP in my room.

Test conditions:

REW UMIK-1 at RSP, 2.9m away from the subwoofer.

Running REW via an iFi DAC direct into the subwoofer (missing any room correction / audio processing from the AV processor) with no PEQ/adjustments in the sub. Simply out of the box.

Subwoofer has a gain range of -20dB to +10dB. We were running all at "0 dB" gain, 12.00dBFS RMS.

EQ mode set to "Large Room" on the subs

5Hz - 200Hz at 512K length.


Pricing and power

The Perlisten R10s features a 10" driver and a power output of 750w RMS.

It's priced at £2000! Click here for info.

The Perlisten R12s features a 12" driver and a power output of 1000w RMS.

It's priced at £3000! Click here for info.

The Perlisten R15s features a 15" driver and a power output of 1000w RMS.

It's priced at £4000! Click here for info.

The Perlisten R18s features a 18" driver and a power output of 1000w RMS.

It's priced at £5000! Click here for info.


What's my single subwoofer preference?

On Friday I had a client come up from London to listen to the subs. We started with the 18" and played the usual scenes from Ready Player One, Dune Part Two, A Quiet Place and Maverick.

Out of the 4 single driver subs I have in store, the R18s is much more of a "me" sound. It's more tactile, extends higher into the frequency band of the mains and provided a fuller, more exciting presentation. However, my client preferred what he described as "the speed" of the 15 - the bottom end appeared faster and tighter whereas the measurements show something a little different.

My subwoofer layout for the time being is now an R18s up front and an R15s at the rear. It's big, it's controlled and it's really fun!

I listen usually at 95dB peak (85dB normal voicing) and as you can see, at 0dB gain, there was plenty to give. I'll also put a graph below to show was +5dB gave on the D12s as a reference - i.e. it impacted not the full frequency response.

Measurement Results Below

The R10s in Magenta, the D12s in Blue, the R15s in Orange and the R18s in Yellow.

What's impressive is the sub 10hz response rate on all subs - the R10s giving almost 95dB with the D12s and R15s acheiving 100dB easily. The R18s however dominates the output at 107dB with all showing a similar trend at 15Hz but strong from 18Hz.

The extra energy the R18s has below 20Hz is perhaps what my client didn't like. It's low distortion but BIG sounding and my suspended wood floor certainly transmits a lot of power to the seats. The R15s is more linear in its response out of the box but all can be improved and tailored to ones requirements with the aid of the excellent 10 band PEQ.

I was really pleased (and suprised) at all outputs it has to be said - with the 10" subwoofer really putting out more than I expected. The R15s though was the star performer below 100Hz out of the box. It did suffer with the largest drop at 125Hz - by which point i'm usually rolled off anyway. It's the sub I could get the cleanest single subwoofer flat response out of without clipping overhead or peaks to assist with null locations.

My next blog post next week will focus on EQ modes and flattening the response out as well as critical listening feedback in two channel and my cinema room!

If I can assist at all with anything Perlisten Audio related - please don't hesitate to drop me an email: - I cover the UK and offer design, delivery and calibration services for all my brands. My store is open 5 days a week and my demo room is here to showcase our Perlisten Audio products.
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