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REL Serie S - Exclusive Yorkshire AV offer until end of July

REL Serie S - Exclusive Yorkshire AV offer until end of July


Serie S - Style and Performance

Change the way you hear music and experience home theatre. Serie S represents the purest intersection of performance, power, and grace for which REL is known. Serie S subwoofers will elevate higher-end systems located in medium to large rooms.

For the next few weeks - we have an exclusive offer here at Yorkshire AV.

Buy any Serie S subwoofer and save 10%.

Buy a pair of any Serie S subwoofers and save a massive 15% !

Serie S is all about style and performance for medium to large rooms.

Should you have larger monitor or floorstanding speakers and are looking for more control, a better sonic in-room response and to add new levels of dynamics to your music, a subwoofer can be one of the most fun and cost-effective solutions.

Our experience with REL subwoofers spans a number of years now - and in store you'll find the complete REL range from the small TZero MK3 right up to the Reference series No.31 which we have in our main two-channel room currently.

Serie S features 4 products:

S/510 - 500w 10" active/12" passive drivers

S/812 - 800w 12" active/12" passive drivers

Carbon Special - 1000w 12" active/12" passive drivers with a real focus on speed and rigidity to bring the fastest bass response to the room

212/SX - 2 x 12" active drivers / 1 x 12" down firing passive / 1 x 12" rear firing passive drivers with peak 1000w output. Designed to deliver crushingly low bass for the larger room.

We look forward to assisting you with the next investment with REL - and remember, any Serie S subwoofer comes with onsite support should it be required.


S/510 takes REL’s compact-medium chassis concept to reference-like levels of performance and does so with style, power and incredible speed. It delivers incredible levels of all ‘round performance. S/510 allows those with less space, or when pairing with high end speakers that are slightly less robust to have a perfect dance partner when the S/812 is simply too much of a great thing.
Regular price is £2299
Buy 1 for £2069.10 with code REL510-YAV1 
Buy 2 for £3908.30 with code REL510-YAV2



S/812 takes REL’s medium chassis concept to reference-like levels of performance and does so with style, beauty and devastating power. It delivers incredible levels of all ‘round performance for both music and film sound, gives customers a taste of what our reference models offer, and does so at a fraction of the cost.
Regular price is £2799
Buy 1 for £2519.10 with code REL812-YAV1
Buy 2 for £4758.30 with code REL812-YAV2


Carbon Special

Carbon Special is a new limited availability model that combines our latest engineering with cutting edge components from our reference line, all housed in a moderately sized chassis. It features our third-generation carbon fibre 12” driver with a new, bespoke CSP passive driver that delivers 50% longer stroke, powered by our up to 1,000 watt amplifier, itself guided by our CS PerfectFilter™. An all new cabinet with highly polished metal and carbon fibre touches appears only in this model.
Regular price is £3799
Buy 1 for £3419.10 with code RELCARBON-YAV1
Buy 2 for £6458.30 with code RELCARBON-YAV2



212/SX builds on the strengths of the legendary 212/SE. Upgraded alloy drivers with carbon fiber blades are stronger, a new flat passive radiator extends even deeper and our PerfectFilter™ delivers crushing low bass with greater speed and air, taking 212/SX well beyond its illustrious predecessor.
So, whilst 212/SX thunders and shakes foundations, it also resolves detail and restores midrange warmth to its correct balance. At 1,000 watts with (4) 12” (350mm) drivers, 212/SX drives rooms hard and in multiple modes which allows it to create richer bass everywhere in a room.

Refinements to both our legendary ultra-fast filters and newly developed drivers produces harder slam and brings to life quieter, gentler moments, improving system performance at both extremes. Plays brilliantly with both high end 2-channel and large power theatre applications.
Regular price is £4499
Buy 1 for £4049.10 with code REL212-YAV1
Buy 2 for £7648.30 with code REL212-YAV2
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