AudioQuest Vodka Optical Cable


Length: 0.75m
Type: Full Size
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Available in full size or 3.5 mini - full size.

AudioQuest Vodka Digital Optical Cable

While, thanks to HDMI, Toslink is not so often used to connect a DVD player to an A/V receiver, Toslink connectors are common on cable-boxes, TV sets, subwoofers, all sorts of products. And now, the 3.5mm Mini Optical connector, also somewhat incorrectly known as Mini-Toslink, is everywhere … from the 3.5mm dual-purpose headphone jack on a Mac laptop, to inputs on some of the finest portables.

For these many reasons, AudioQuest has refined and renewed our line of serious high performance OptiLink cables. All models and all lengths are now available Toslink to Toslink and Toslink to 3.5mm Mini Optical.

Available Lengths: 0.75m-16m

The digital optical series of cables from AudioQuest are:

  • Pearl
  • Forest
  • Cinnamon
  • Carbon
  • Vodka
  • Diamond

All optical cables come either full size or 3.5mm mini.


  • 217 Narrow-Aperture Synthetic Fiber
  • Low-Jitter (Digital Timing Errors)
  • Precision Polished Fiber Ends

217 Narrow-Aperture Synthetic Fibers Conductors

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