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Model: GAIA TITAN Theis 70
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The GAIA Titan range offers unparalleled isolation and decoupling technology to premium-end floor standing Hi-Fi loudspeakers. Utilising the same technology as the smaller GAIA range, GAIA Titans raise speakers up to attenuate inward reflections from their underlying surface and avoid incorrect information being centred - a phenomenon known as smear which causes a soundstage to collapse.

The directional nature of the GAIA Titan’s internal design also resists lateral movement and ensures the listening position of the speaker remains constant while playback is in progress.

The GAIA range is made up of three distinct models each featuring a different maximum weight holding capacity: Theis (145kg), Rhea (190kg) and Cronos (280kg). Each capacity metric assumes the use of a single speaker with four GAIA Titan units applied.

The impact of the GAIA’s technology allows the soundstage of any high-end speaker system to blossom into a three-dimensional stereo image featuring more natural, more spatial audio qualities.

UK prices start from £899 SSP shipping in sets of 4.

Main Features


  • Included studs: M8-1.25, M14, 1/2-13
  • Max weight: 145kg per 4 units


  • Included studs: M8-1.25, M14, 1/2-13
  • Max weight: 190kg per 4 units


  • Included studs: M10-1.5, M14, 1/2-13
  • Max weight: 280kg per 4 units
Max weight:
145/190/280kg (Theis/Rhea/Cronos)

Physical Properties

Housing Material: 
Machined Stainless Steel

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