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Headphone Amplifier

Drachenfels joins the Lehmannaudio range as an affordable headphone amplifier with premium specifications and a new modular design concept, suiting it to even the most demanding modern headphone users.

  • High-end quality at an affordable price
  • Dual headphone inputs
  • Modular design allows for optional upgrades

Operating as an analogue headphone amplifier, the Drachenfels offers 12dB of practice-oriented gain which, due to the smooth running ALPS Blue Velvet potentiometer with excellent synchronism and the ultra low-noise circuit, dispenses with the need for a gain switch. The advanced technical knowledge that has gone into the circuitry means that the sound performance offers a tremendous wealth of detail and pin-point timing, all captured within a highly engaging musical envelope.

However, where Drachenfels finds its niche is in its modular design. The back panel is designed to come away from the structure so more input options can be added with upgrade modules (available from late-2017), bringing with them more advanced features. The idea for the future is that even when new standards and listening preferences come to market, Drachenfels can be modified to suit rather than discarded and replaced.

The Drachenfels is built using the finest components available for the price. From the Neutrik headphone sockets to the low-loss MKP precision capacitors, the audio path is clear and unaffected by unnecessary devices. The clever design also allows it to be used either as a headphone amplifier with two outputs, or as a single-input pre-amp for a power amplifier or set of powered speakers. The small footprint makes placement in or near a system very easy, and operation is as simple as pushing the power switch and adjusting the volume dial.

When you buy Drachenfels, you are purchasing a high-quality analogue headphone amplifier. But more than that, you're opening up a gateway to future product developments, all of which can be added with an easy module upgrade, rather than needing to entirely replace your beloved headphone amplifier.

Key Features:

  • High-end quality at an affordable price
  • Modular concept to adjust to ever-changing configurations
  • ALPS Blue Velvet potentiometer
  • Neutrik headphone socket with gold-plated contacts
  • Low-loss MKP precision capacitors for the audio path
  • Configurable either as a single source preamplifier or as a dual-input headphone amplifier
  • Aluminium face plate available in silver or black

Technical Data

Input Impedance: 47kΩ
Maximum Gain: 12dB (@ max. volume setting)
Frequency Response: 10Hz (-0.3dB) – 35kHz (-1dB)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: > 85dB (@ 0dB gain)
THD: < 0.006 % (@ 18mW/330Ω)
Channel Separation: > 80dB / 10kHz
Output Power: 180mW (33Ω)
110mW (330Ω)
Output Impedance: Line Out (105Ω)
Headphone Out (5Ω)
Audio Connectors: Headphone Out: Neutrik sockets with gold-plated contacts
(1 x Switching Line Out / 1 x Non-Switching Line Out)
Line In/Line Out: RCA
Power Consumption: Approx. 4W (standard version, using supplied PSU)
Face Plate: Black or Silver
Dimensions (WxDxH):  160 x 120 x 43mm 
Weight:  500g net (standard version)

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