Panasonic DP-UB9000EBK 4K Pro HDR Blu-Ray player


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The Panasonic DP-UB9000EBK is a premium Ultra HD Blu-ray Player designed to ensure the most realistic picture and higest quality audio reproduction possible, thanks to the latest Panasonic picture technology and hi-fi design principles. 

The HCX Processor for Blu-ray as found in the DPUB9000EBK offers precise colours and HDR reproduction with Hollywood tuned imaging, thanks to Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory. Truly stunning 4K pictures are guaranteed, thanks to Multi HDR support - including for formats such as HDR10 and HDR10+ for the next generation of HDR content and Dolby Vision and Hybrid Log-Gamma standards. To ensure greater realism, HDR optimiser technology uses tone mapping to adjust brightness levels and enhance the definition of HDR images. The DPUB9000EBK is also a THX-certified 4K HDR source for video and audio, so you can enjoy movies from the comfort of your own home, but at quality comparable to that you'd experience at the cinema!

To ensure that the audio experience is as special as the video, Panasonic have taken design cues from the highest end hi-fi amplifiers. Vibration is reduced thanks to a rigid chassis design with the lowest possible centre of gravity and thick steel plate beneath the optical disc drive. Separate power supplies for the video and audio outputs helps to ensure a pure audio signal with minimal distortion. As a result, the player delivers exceptional high-res audio performance. It also features a 7.1 analogue audio output, 2 channel RCA and balanced XLR outputs, in addition to standard optical and coaxial audio outputs. There are also separate audio and video HDMI outputs. 

Built-in wi-fi connectivity means easy access to a range of online content, including Ultra HD content via the in-built internet apps. You can also voice control your DPUB9000 via Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. You can connect an external to access content stored on the drive, or the player can access files stored on a network attached hard drive on your home network. 

Ultra HD Blu-ray Player DP-UB9000 Black
Reference class. The ultimate in picture & sound quality
The UB9000 reference-class Ultra HD Blu-ray player uses our unique chroma & HDR processing technology to reproduce images with cinema-level quality at home. This combined with a structure & components that pursue the highest possible audio quality
The UB9000 reference-class Ultra HD Blu-ray player uses Panasonic’s unique chroma and HDR processing technologies to reproduce images with cinema-level quality at home. This combines with a structure and components that pursue the highest possible audio quality, to bring you overwhelmingly beautiful pictures and sounds.

Product features

  • Ultimate Quality With The New HCX Processor
  • 4K Precision Chroma Processing, Quick Start
  • 4K Chroma Up-Scaling, HDR10+/HDR Optimiser
  • Dolby Vision, 7.1ch Analogue Audio, 4K VOD
  • High Res Audio, Twin HDMI, Wifi


  • Height: 81mm
  • Width: 430mm
  • Depth: 300mm
  • Weight: 7.8kg

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