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Product Description

Pro-Ject Phono Box RS2 is a reference class Phono preamplifier by Austrian audio company, Pro-Ject. The RS2 is fully balanced, the electronics are fully discrete, it uses split passive RIAA and DECCA equalisation and it's compatible with both MC and MM cartridges. This, plus many other features and top quality circuitry, make the RS2 the Phono stage for audio fanatics that want precision.

Fully discrete circuit

The Phono Box RS2 has a fully discrete circuit built in; the only components used are resistors, capacitors and inductors - no op-amps. Pro-Ject chose to design this circuit this way as they state that even the very best Op-Amps do not tend to be so neutral, natural or dynamic.

As well as being fully discrete, the RS2 is fully balanced, from the input through to the output. It has 2 x XLR inputs/outputs and 2 x unbalanced RCA inputs/outputs.

EQ Curves

The Phono Box RS2 uses split passive equalization for both of its RIAA and DECA curves. This ensures the most accurate representation of the ideal EQ curve; you'll hear the sound the way the producer intended.

Features on Phono Box RS2

The Phono Box RS2 has changeable gain options ranging from 40dB (voltage amplification by 100x) up to 70dB (voltage amplification by 3690x). Such fine gain options are hard to come by in most Phono amplifiers.

Load impedance can be set continuously via potentiometer, this a system invented by Pro-Ject Audio Systems. It allows you to adjust the impedance during playback and immediately assess the impact of different loading options.

Cartridges, by nature, suffer from small imbalances between the left and right channels. To prevent this, a potentiometer allows you to adjust the exact centre of the sound stage in ranges of 2dB to the left or right. This is one of the few options that's available on the RS2 that's not a regular on most Phono boxes of this price range!

Housed in Sturdy Chassis

The Phono Box RS2 is housed in a steel chassis, which is covered by screwed aluminium panels. This makes for a rigid and stable box that can withstand various interferences. The RS2 comes in both black and silver finishes.

Linear Power Supply Upgrade

An external linear power supply by Pro-Ject will soon be released that powers the Pro-Ject Phono Box RS2 and Pro-Ject turntables simultaneously. This is better as an outboard power supply with linear construction can offer a much cleaner power.

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