Pro-Ject Pick it 2M Silver - phono cartridge for turntables


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Audiophile vinyl enjoyment because pure silver offers crystal clear performance!
2M series uses Ortofons own technology, that allows to reach the same levels of flat frequency response as Moving Coil cartridges. 2M Silver combines these technologies with ultimate simple mounting procedure for nearly all available turntables. Due to MM principle, 2M cartridges are compatible with most phono preamplifiers. An absolutely feature unique in this price range, 2M-Silver uses internal silver plated copper coils, which guarantees outstanding sonic results!



  • Moving Magnet principle
  • Silver plated copper coils windings to achieve higher quality and more dynamic playback compared with conventional MM cartridges
  • Suitable for low to medium tonearm masses
  • 1/2 inch mounting standard
  • High trackability
  • 2M-Silver should be connected to phono MM inputs
  • As with most MM cartridges, stylus may be exchanged



Technical Specifications

Weight 7.2 g
Stylus type elliptical
Stylus tip radius 8 x 18 µm
Frequency response 20 - 25.000 Hz
Output voltage 5.5 mV
Channel separation >25dB @ 1kHz
Compliance dynamic/lateral 20/20 µm/mN
Auflagekraftbereich 1.6-2,0 g
Recommended tracking force 1.8 g
Trackability (315 Hz, lateral) >70 µm
Tracking angle 20°
Internal inductance 700 mH
Recommended load resistance 47 kΩ

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