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Designed For: S/510 | S/812 | 212/SX | G1 Mark II.

The easy-to-use, zero-compression, wireless system. 

The REL Acoustics AirShip Wireless Subwoofer Adapter allows you to place your S series subwoofer anywhere in the room without the need for cables, transmitting high quality wireless signal without any delay. Experience powerful bass for you music and movies with no placement restrictions.

REL Acoustics Airship Wireless Subwoofer Adapter

The AirShip transmitter allows you to place your subwoofer anywhere in the room, without trailing cables across the floor. You can put the REL S series sub where it sounds, or looks the best. The AirShip is developed from the Longbow Wireless transmitter, using a 5.8 gigahertz signal for the fastest, most transparent wireless transmission.

With zero compression, the AirShip wireless transmits in real time, unlike common Bluetooth systems that use digital compression which can significantly increase delay to the signal. This keeps the S series subs in perfect synchronisation with the main speakers, for an immersive musical or home cinema experience. The AirShip wireless transmitter allows you to use both the high-level and the .1/LFE inputs on the S Series subwoofers, for use with 2-channel stereo systems or multi-channel home cinema systems. Using the high-level input ensures that the subwoofer receives the same signal as the main stereo speakers, maintaining the same sonic character and blending the S/812 or S/510 sub well with your existing system.

The AirShip has fast and simple pairing to get you listening straight away. Just connect the transmitter and receiver to the amplifier and the subwoofer and pair the two devices. With minimal latency in the 16-20ms range, the AirShip far out-performs other Bluetooth wireless systems, meaning you can position the sub wherever you like, without worrying about lengthy cables. The AirShip wireless system works with the S series subwoofers including the S/812 and S/510, and is compatible with the G1 MkII.

REL Acoustics AirShip Wireless Transmitter features

  • Wireless transmitter frees your sub for placing anywhere
  • Zero compression wireless for real time transmission
  • Use high-level input and .1/LFE input simultaneously for music or movies
  • Easy setup and pairing
  • Works with S/812, S/510 and G1 MkII subwoofers


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