REL Arrow Wireless Transmitter for T/x Subwoofers


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REL's latest generation of zero compression Transmission,  Arrow™,  gives you the ability to place subs in distant corners, along glass walls, or on solid wood floors where a cable would otherwise destroy the effect and get in the way .  Following on the heels of the acclaimed LongBow™ Wireless, Arrow™ delivers much of the promise and connectivity of hardwired RELs with the placement flexibility and pure cool factor of great wireless for all of T/i.  No wires, just clean hi-res wi-fi connection instead. Super fast delivery of both High Level Bass and .1/ LFE with the Arrow wireless technology ensures the rich, natural warmth that only RELs can deliver.  All for a reasonable sum.

With Arrow™ Zero Compression Wireless, REL are quickly growing into an industry leader in wireless Connectivity. Arrow™ permits flexible placement without sacrificing sound quality.

Arrow™ is designed to compliment the highly acclaimed Serie T/i and T/x range of Subwoofers by making trailing cables a thing of the past.

Transmits wireless signal across the room with the Arrow™ excellent and effective wireless range of up to 13 meters with clear line of sight.

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