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Autumn News

Autumn News

News from Yorkshire AV

Hello everyone and welcome to this very wet edition of our latest news and offers from Yorkshire AV!

The weather has absolutely turned the corner and autumn/winter is definitely upon us. The clocks have gone back, the central heating is on and the time we did have to go outdoors now feels like more time we should be spending indoors in the warm!

To help you enjoy your time inside a little better - here's a 5% discount code for our site!

Use code AUTUMN05 at the checkout* for a cheeky little discount.

*Minimum spend of £200 applies.

Demo suite update

In our last update we announced we were getting a demo suite. Well - the paperwork is all signed and we get our keys on the 1st November.

It's going to take us a few months to get the space entirely as we want it - and we hope that by the end of November it'll be partly open for use.

We're going to feature a dedicated DALI Phantom in-wall/in-ceiling cinema room, with SONY projector and fixed screen, starscape ceiling and acoustics panels/treatment to showcase the art of the possible with home cinema design. There'll be the possibility of using other speakers (floor standing / bookshelf units etc) to get a true sense of what your future purchase can sound like.

We'll also have a number of HiFi racks full of kit to demo and a wider range of components to play with (cables, turntables, streamers, CD players, amplifiers, power amplifiers etc) so keep an eye on our Blog as we're going to be documenting the build process!

Be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook page for product info and pics of installs etc!



A month of living with the Node2i

For those of you that love simple things in life - Bluesound have a number of products just for you. Their easy to use and very attractive app integrates all of the music platforms you could ever wish for and enables you to stream instantly from the internet / local media to your system. What's more - if you invest in multiple Bluesound units or BlueOS compatible active speakers, you can quickly stream to multiple zones at the push of a button. We've never experienced such a seamless transition from track to track or unit to unit before - we're super impressed!

In our home, we've moved away from SONOS as a streaming platform to Bluesound for a number of reasons:

- Hi-Res lossless / MQA playback

- AirPlay 2 support natively

- Analogue inputs (i.e. connect turntable) and stream to multiple rooms seamlessly

- Easy to use application on tablets/phones/computers

- On unit control (play/pause/volume/skip)

We've had zero drop outs at all over wireless streaming and a consistent, good quality sound. The DAC within the unit has all the goodness from NAD embedded within it and if you're playing direct into an amplifier, sounds really tight, detailed and of good quality.

What's more - the Node2i is currently on special offer for 4 more days only - reduced by £100 to jusy £399! Get your orders in quick to qualify for this fantastic saving!


DALI are now in stock with us here at Yorkshire AV.

We currently have Phantom in-wall and in-ceiling speakers available and the Oberon speakers in various finishes. Some stock are to order but they're very quick at arriving to us so you're not waiting for long!

We've had the Oberon 3 setup in our room now for the last week and WOW - we've been really impressed with the quality of the sound, the finish of the speakers and the very clever E-600 stands which have cable management built into them.

Great punch, a very detailed mid and top end and a big soundstage for these smaller speakers. We found them a perfect match with the audiolab 6000 series units too.


AV Bundles have been refreshed

The latest Denon and Marantz x700 and xx15 series AV receivers have been out for a month or two now and the previous generation are now harder to come by.

As such - we've refreshed all of our complete AV bundles to centre around the newer receivers.

We;ve built 5.1, 5.1.2 and 5.1.4 bundles with the 2700 and 3700 series amplifiers, paired up with Q Acoustics, DALI and Monitor Audio speakers.

Our packages come COMPLETE - with HDMI, speaker and subwoofer cables.

We always tailor make solutions for you - so if there's something you want to change then please let us know and we'll happily build you a bespoke offer!


NEW HiFi bundles with excellent savings are available online

We've refreshed some of our offerings and more are coming this week. If you want a complete "off the shelf" system - view our products here to check out what's on offer. We're always adding to this but PLEASE, if you're interested in a setup no matter how experienced or inexperienced you are - drop us an email or give us a call and a member of the team will be here to help.


audiolab 6000 in stock

We have every audiolab unit / finish in stock including the new 6000A Play which have been hard to come by.

The 6000a has been very popular as of late - this integrated amplifier with bluetooth and an MM phono stage is superb value at just £599.

All available with FREE next day delivery!

5% off for all existing customers of ours too - use code "AUTUMN05" at the checkout!

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