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Q Acoustics Concept 30, Concept 50 and Concept 90 now in store!

Q Acoustics Concept 30, Concept 50 and Concept 90 now in store!

The new Q Acoustics Concept 30 bookshelf speakers, the Concept 50 floor standing speakers and Concept 90 centre speaker have arrived at Yorkshire AV.

British manufacturer Q Acoustics have had a number of successful "Concept" series speakers in the last 6 years, with the later Concept 300 and Concept 500 speakers offering something incredibly robust and incredibly detailed but at a significant price point.

The new release of the Concept 30 and Concept 50 take a lot of the features from the flagship products and package them into something filled with new innovations and brilliant colour schemes to help match any decor.

To finish the range is the new Concept 90 centre channel speaker. Considerably larger than both the original Concept centre and the 3090Ci unit - it boasts the same gelcore and p2p bracing found in the other Concept Concept 30 and Concept 50 units. 

The new series is priced at £899 (Concept 30), £1999 (Concept 50) and £649 (Concept 90).

Yorkshire AV are an elite dealer of Q Acoustics and we have the entire Concept range on display here in our showroom.

Owners of the Concept 300 or Concept 500 speakers can now complement their existing investments with the Concept 30 as surround speakers and the Concept 90 will be right at home for the centre dialogue.

Picture 1: the Concept 30 in gloss white

Picture 2: the Concept 30 in gloss white with the Concept 90 in silver. (TV is a 75" Samsung Q90A QLED).

The Concept 50 are still boxed and will be photographed during their first demo on Wednesday 10th November :)

Our first thoughts:

  • amazing build quality. The gloss is beautiful, the lines clean and the change from front facia to cabinet is seamless.
  • Same colour matching to the Concept 500 (we have gloss white/oak) and Concept 300 (we have Silver/Ebony) in the range - so existing Concept 300/500 users looking for a centre and surrounds can look no further!
  • Very high quality terminals - same as the Concept 300/500 units
  • Loving the base - similar tech to the Concept 300 - dampening built in and allows for easy placement on cabinets (i.e. the Concept 90 centre)
  • A significant step up in sonic performance from anything else in the Concept 20/40 range from Q Acoustics. 
  • Very easy on the eye and ear - will integrate easily into any dining/living room thanks to the modern lines and curved body as well as dedicated listening spaces thanks to the great finishes available

Available to order online now - goods are dispatched usually the next day subject to stocking of this new range.

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