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Q Acoustics Concept 50 5,1 gets 5 star award!

Q Acoustics Concept 50 5,1 gets 5 star award!

It was almost a decade ago that Q Acoustics launched its Concept range. At the time, the relatively new UK brand was known for affordable loudspeakers, and the 2013 arrival of the Concept 20 bookshelf was billed as a step toward the high-end. Okay, it was still on the right side of pricey, but later on in 2017 came floorstanders (the Concept 500s) at £4,000 a pair.

Now - Q Acoustics has relaunched it's Concept series, introducing the Concept 50 floor stander, Concept 30 bookshelf speakers and Concept 90 centre speaker - partnered with the QB12 subwoofer - bringing a new, heavy hitting 5.1 solution to Home Cinema lovers.

We wrote about this new product when in debuted in December and have thoroughly enjoyed demoing and installing these for customers since.

Home Cinema Choice have just reviewed the package and given it a solid 5 stars, as well as a 3 page spread! 

Concept 90 centre speaker - a big unit that brings brilliant, clear detail to the dialogue and extra oomph when needed during action scenes.

The Concept 30 stand mount speakers - perfect partners for the surround. We've installed 2 pairs of these for customers who wanted to expand their system to a 7.1.

The larger, Concept 50 floor standing speaker carries the same rounded lines and magnetic grilles.

We carry stock of each model as well as have it available in our demonstration facility in our store. 

If you're looking for a modern, easy on the eye and satisfying on the ears speaker package - the Concept 50 5.1 is not going to disappoint.

We have it bundled with the Yamaha RX-A6A amplifier here - including speaker cable, HDMI cables and subwoofer cables - save over 10% now!


We say: This package offers a brilliantly big, rich, moreish soundstage, and one where the surrounds and centre don't play second fiddle. Gorgeous styling and immaculate build, too.

Read the full review here.



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